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The Off Season

I recently attended Brewers On Deck last weekend and I must say it was great o get back into the baseball mood. Opening Day is only a month and a half away and I can not wait. The Brewers look promising this year and the team seems to be happy. We just need to get that Rickie Weeks deal done.

My plans this coming year consist of attending around 20 games at Miller Park and taking trips to Kansas City in April to visit Jeremy Jeffress, Lorenzo Cain, and Alcides Escobar. Then in June I’m planning on going to Miami for the Marlins series with Matt, Nick, and Kenny. Then two weeks after that if the plans come through going to historic Fenway park for a visit to see the Crew take on Red Sox Nation. Then to wrap up my road trips I’d like to hit up PNC Park in Pittsburgh with Wiley, Matt, and family.

I’m hoping to have another successful year in terms of catching baseballs and enjoying myself at the park. The Brewers keep me out of trouble in the summer. I will be attending the Arctic Tailgate sometime at the end of this month to get my Opening Day tickets and a few other games I’d really like to go to. I’ll take some pictures and have a post about the tailgate. Superbowl XLV is coming up!

Saturday, October 2 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

Today started similar as yesterday. I would get up at 7 to go to the players entrance and try and get me some autographs. I ended up getting Prince Fielder, Carlos Gomez, Lorenzo Cain, and Rickie Weeks on my Game Homer from earlier this year.

Weeks Hr signed.jpg

There would be no batting practice today but I walked into the Stadium and picked up 6 baseballs laying on the ground and then got Manny Parra to toss me a baseball to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day. It would turn out to be a cold day and would rain during the game. Our view for the game was the same as yesterday. After the game Kenny and I went to White Castle and went to Cold Stone Creamery.

I forgot to cover on this in the blog from yesterday. During yesterday’s game this is what the scoreboard looked like for 5 innings:

Milwaukee astros.jpg

Can you see it? I’ll zoom in a bit:

Milwaukee astros 2.jpg

That there reads the “Milwaukee Astros” basically. They ended up changing it midway through the game. The Astros were in town the night before.

7 Baseball’s , 6 easter eggs, 1 toss up

Season Total: 157

Games: 40

Season Avg: 3.93

Career Total: 311

Total 10.2.10.jpg