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The Off Season

I recently attended Brewers On Deck last weekend and I must say it was great o get back into the baseball mood. Opening Day is only a month and a half away and I can not wait. The Brewers look promising this year and the team seems to be happy. We just need to get that Rickie Weeks deal done.

My plans this coming year consist of attending around 20 games at Miller Park and taking trips to Kansas City in April to visit Jeremy Jeffress, Lorenzo Cain, and Alcides Escobar. Then in June I’m planning on going to Miami for the Marlins series with Matt, Nick, and Kenny. Then two weeks after that if the plans come through going to historic Fenway park for a visit to see the Crew take on Red Sox Nation. Then to wrap up my road trips I’d like to hit up PNC Park in Pittsburgh with Wiley, Matt, and family.

I’m hoping to have another successful year in terms of catching baseballs and enjoying myself at the park. The Brewers keep me out of trouble in the summer. I will be attending the Arctic Tailgate sometime at the end of this month to get my Opening Day tickets and a few other games I’d really like to go to. I’ll take some pictures and have a post about the tailgate. Superbowl XLV is coming up!

Tuesday, August 10 2010, Twins V.S. White Sox @ US Cellular Field

This was my second trip to US Cellular Field on the year. The White Sox are battling the Twins in the mits of a pennant race. This should be a fun game especially sporting my Twins apparel. Once again we’d be taking the 2:10 train. Sal, Wiley(He needs to do some blog updating himself), and I. The gates would open a little late at 5:34 and we hustled to the LF Bleachers. I was 1 away from 250 career baseballs and 5 from 100 on the year. Could I do both of the goals on the day?

The first thing I did was run over to the bullpen down the LF line and I spotted a ball that was gettable with a device. So i pulled it out (lolz) and I retrieved BASEBALL #1 and my 250th baseball of my career! I would have rather had my 250th tossed to me or caught but I’ll take what I can get.

Then I went over the the first row of LF and got Twins Pitcher John Rauch to toss me a baseball for BASEBALL #2 on the day. In the matter of about 7 or 8 minutes.

After that I roamed to RF because the power house lefties in Jason Kubel and Joe Mauer were taking BP. I was standing about 8 rows back and ended up catching me one on the fly while almost being tackled. BASEBALL #3. The Twins fan in the front row goes, ” OH! and the Twins fan catches over all of the White Sox fans!” I just laughed and gave him the “head nod”.

My last ball came via the “cup trick” as well and it put me at BASEBALL #4 on the day and I was sitting at 1 baseball from 100 on the year.

The Twins would go on to blast the White Sox 12 to 5 hitting 4 home runs during the game. Including a JJ Hardy bomb which was kind of nice to see a former Brewer taking it to a Chicago team.
total 8.10.10.jpg
me 250.jpg
joe mauer.jpg
new friend.jpgWiley and Sal Decided I made a new friend at the train station. Haha
Sal and I.jpg
total 8.10.10 2.jpg
4 Baseballs, 2 device, 1 toss up, 1 batted

Season Total: 99

Games: 27

Season Avg: 3.67

Career Total: 253

Monday, July 26 2010, Mariners V.S. White Sox @ U.S. Cellular Field

Wiley, Matt, and I decided to take a trip to the Cell to see the Mariners take on the red hot White Sox. We left Cedarburg around 12 to take a ride to the Waukegan Train Station. Hopped on the train and took the 1.5 hour trip into the Oglivie Station in Chicago. We took the 2:10 train. So we arrived in Chicago approximately around 3:45. We chilled in the station for a few minutes then took the walk to the Subway to get to the Cell. We were there an hour before the gates opened so we played some catch for a bit.

Once the gates opened at 530 we hustled in and I found a goose egg in the Left Field bleachers for BASEBALL #1 of the day. That was easier than I had thought but the rest of the day was a little rough.

I ended up getting Mariners pitcher Chris Seddon to toss me BASEBALL #2 on the day and I yelled to CF where he was and I was in RF and he hurled it right to me and I politely thanked him for hookin’ me up.

After BP I went to the White Sox bullpen and had the opportunity for the “cup trick”.
cup trick at the cell.jpgI ended up getting a hold of it for BASEBALL #3 and my final baseball of the day. Before the game started we went over to the Mariners Pen and before the game started all the Mariners pitchers got together and prayed.. I think…
no idea.jpg

You be the judge. For the game this was our view down the LF line.
view at the cell.jpgI ended up 3 feet of snagging a Paul Konerko home run during the game which snuck just pass the foul pole right into the bullpen. Damn it. Nice to have isle seats though.
The Cell.jpg
Here’s a good all around view of “The Cell”.

My total for the Day.
total in the cell.jpg

3 baseball’s, 1 toss up, 1 device, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 91

Games: 24

Season Avg: 3.79

Career Total: 245

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Wednesday, June 23 2010, Florida Marlins V.S. Baltimore Orioles @ Camden Yards

I was up at 4:30 A.M. because our flight was departing Milwaukee at 6 and we had crappy weather. I was glad to get out for the day but I was getting into the humidity of Baltimore. The 98 degree or so heat! My view from the plane window departing Milwaukee:
100_6558.JPGNot a very pleasant sight I must say but it would not affect me all day! 🙂
We then arrived at BWI around 9ish their time and went to our hotel and met “Hottie” from Flavor of Loves’ mom. It was quite the meeting.

We got situmawaited into our hotel room and took the local train to Baltimore. We got off the train and this is what I saw:

Yeah! Finally here! It was around 12ish so we stopped to get lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and roamed the Harbor and streets of Baltimore.I stopped by the O’s parking lot and sure enough Adam Jones was walking to the gate and I asked him for his autograph and he gave it to me. Awesome! So let’s get down to the biz. We were relaxing across the street from the Eutaw Street Gates and I spotted somebody and it just happened to be Zack Hample. Along with him was another fellow ballhawk Joe and that’s when I began to tell Wiley I think this is going to be a rough batting practice for me. Lots of competition.

As soon as the gates opened at 5 o clock sharp everybody sprinted to left field to look for goose eggs. I quickly snagged BASEBALL #1 on the fly and it felt great. I love catching a baseball on the fly. It was a leaping catch and i got Kudos from all the other ballhawks.

Not soon after about 3 minutes I nabbed BASEBALL #2 on the fly as well and I was feeling pretty good around that time. I had 2 baseballs in the matter of about 7 or 8 minutes. At least I knew I wasn’t getting the goose egg and got the skunk out of the box early.

Then after a few more minutes I caught BASEBALL #3 on the fly as well on a running catch. The Orioles were done taking batting practice fairly early. About 12 or so minutes of being in there. Then the Marlins came out and I decided to move over by the Marlins dugout.

Shortly the Marlins began to throw and i found myself down the LF line just chillin’ watching Hanley Ramirez and Emilio Bonifacio play catch from a bit of a distance. Then Hanley overthrew Emilio and I grabbed the ball as it was rolling bye. I threw it back to Bonifacio and he went and got me a brand new baseball and gave it to me for BASEBALL #4. Now for a few pictures:

So Marlins batting practice began and I made a running grab over 2 sections on the fly for BASEBALL #5 and that was all the rest of the chances that I had.

During Marlins BP a ball was hit into the vacant area in CF and I went over to see if I could cup trick the baseball…
cup trick.pngThe ball was where the blue is and I stood and cup tricked BASEBALL #6 of the day and the last one of the day, But I was very happy and I got to meet some other fellow ball hawks this day! I got Jorge Cantu’s autograph also and he hit his 100th career home run in this game. The Marlins won 7-5.

Baltimore had many great sights!
100_6600.JPGWhoops! Not that!
How bout something different? haha.

100_6604.JPGMe with the catch of the day:
6 baseballs, 4 on the fly, 1 toss up, 1 device

Season Total: 62

Season Avg: 3.88

Games: 16

Career Total: 216

Tuesday, April 27 2010, Brewers V.S. Pirates

This is the game where conflict had happened…

So I took my normal strut to Friday’s after having a brief talk with “The Happy Youngster“. My buddy Matt joined a table with him as Wiley (My Cousin) and I took another table for batting practice.
Not long into batting practice Rickie Weeks hit a bomb into the area where the “best seats in the house” used to be in center field also known as “the point”. It hit under the T.V. booth… Knowing I had other conflicts with a certain someone before him thinking any baseball hit near him is automatically his I told him he could have it. He goes, “I don’t know where it is”. I said ok hopped the fence to the point at crawled under the stairs and grabbed BASEBALL #1.  From this moment on I had knew he was going to be pissed. But I really had no wrong, I gave him a fair chance at the baseball. But I got ripped for it in his blog. Whatever. Back to BP.

I then managed to snag a Casey McGehee baseball off the bat on the fly. I looked at the baseball and as I was looking at it something caught my eye. No, not a left hook from the other ballhawk, it was a “TPX” logo mark imbeded into the baseball from McGehee’s bat. I though that was rather darn skippy as I snagged it for BASEBALL #2.
Shortly after that Rickie Weeks was up and happened to hit another one into the concourse behind us at Friday’s. I did hesitate for a minute but I did jump the fence again and grab BASEBALL #3. From that time on any other baseball that was hit out there I was going to just tuck my tail inbetween my legs and not go after because I was grinding “the best in the biz’s” gears. 

As we were about to head out of Friday’s, Corey Hart was hitting and the baseball bounced in the bullpen and shot up over the railing and I snatched it right out of thin air! BASEBALL #4! I was sitting pretty for the day already and we were done with one batting practice.

So we have the begining of Pirates Batting Practice… I went to the RF Loge bleachers. It paid off yesterday so I was hoping to have similar luck…I looked down into the pen and a Pirates Coach was lolligagin’ into the bullpen where there were 2 baseballs. I politely asked for a baseball and he tossed me  BASEBALL #5 of the day. Sweet.

I then traveled over to Left Center Field into the Loge Bleachers and hit up Joel Hanrahan for
BASEBALL #6.  Then went over a few sections and asked Brain Bass for a baseball and he fired me  BASEBALL #7 of the day. I hate it when people are standing next to you and the guy is clearly throwing to you and they try to snag the baseball. Well that was my final baseball of the day. Not too shabby and my best total of the year so far.
total 4.27.10.jpgview 4.27.20.jpg

7 Baseballs, 4 hit up, 3 tossed up

Season Total: 29

Season Avg: 4.14

Career Total: 183

And I’ll leave off with a little preview of my baseball holder that I’m assembling in woods class at school. In the middle where the diamond is there is going to be baselines and bases added into it and the brewers throwback logo in the middle. It’s going to look pretty cool I think. I’m currently 6 baseballs short of filling it. As you can see the top is not completely filled.
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case prev.jpg

Brewers On Deck: January 31, 2010. Midwest Airlines Center.

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I woke up around 4:30 A.M. for this event. I wanted to be at the Airlines Center by 6 A.M. and wait it line. So my buddy Matt and I met Nick there. We waited 4 hours in line and made a trip to Dunkin’ Doughnuts. We planned out our day on what autographs we wanted to get. My plan was to get to Gallardo and roam around and look at a few things then get in line for Escobar and Gamel around 1:30. They were signing at 3:45. I accomplished the Gallardo task, I was 7th in line. Then for the Gamel and Escobar I was around 80th in line. While I was in line I noticed Prince was signing memorabelia when they said he was not going to. i was very dissapointed. This would have changed my whole game plan for the day. But after Escobar I went over and got a picture with my buddy Mitch Stetter. He remembered Matt and I and called us the “ball stealers”. He’s a great guy. My favorite Brewer I must say. That pretty much summed up a long day of waiting in line. But it got me in the mood for baseball season even more!

Me matt and Mitch.jpg

Me and Escobar.jpg
Me and Narveson.jpg

Saturday, September 19 2009 Tigers V.S. Twins @ HHH  Metrodome

After a night at the hotel and a few pizzas later my cousin and I checked out. We had a few hours to blow before the game. We roamed and looked at the new Target Field, and a few of the other things in downtown Minneapolis. I gotta say the new Target Field looks pretty awesome.
Target 3.jpgWe got let in for batting practice 2 hours before the game. I found out that the Twins don’t like to throw up much to thier fans at home. I did manage to get another Eddie Bonine toss up during BP for BASEBALL #1. Lucky me.

Then it was getting close to the end of batting practice. There were no baseballs that were able to be cup tricked and the security was fairly stable. I saw a Tigers IF with a baseball. They were getting ready to run in and I hollared Brent! Baseball please! I think he was shocked somebody knew who he was. He pin pointed me and I had BASEBALL #2.

Few Pics:
HHH3.jpgDuring the game I got a text from the Happy Youngster saying he had just caught a Lance Berkman homerun in Milwaukee. Then about an inning later I had a Michael Cuddyer homerun hit 5 feet away from me. I tried shoveing the guy next to me her boxed me out, tried catching it, and it hit him right in the hands and down 3 rows. I was pissed to say the least. I said, I had a glove I could have caught that! It bothered me all night. Still does. There will be more chances.
HHH HR.jpg
HHH HR2.jpg
The Twins ended up taking 2 of 3 and ended up going to the playoffs and loosing in the first round to the World Champion Yankees. Boo.
total HHH 2.jpg

2 toss up’s

Season Total: 124

Season Avg: 3.4

Career Total: 144