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Wednesday, August 25 2010, Brewers V.S.  Dodgers

Today of course started like any other day with a split of motz sticks at Friday’s and 0 baseballs during Brewers BP. Seems to be an occuring thing… It sucks!

I had seats in the Tundra Section and when I walked into the section I found a goose egg for BASEBALL #1. I saw Prince hit it there during Brewers BP and just kept my eye on it the whole BP so I could go and grab it.

Then after the first group was through for Dodgers BP Andre Ethier hit one out to the section and I leaned over the railing and caught it for BASEBALL #2. The guy next to me was not too happy. He said were not supposed to move from where were standing that was my ball. I told him no ball is anybody’s until it is in their possession. He then proceeded to tell me that George the usher would tell me the rules and that he wasn’t going to let me get another baseball today.

Matt Kemp lifted one to deep RCF and I knew it was going behind me our I’d make a leaping catch. Option one happened it went right over my head into the Tundra Seats behind me then it took a favorable bounce and I leaned over the section and picked it up for BASEBALL #3. The guy then proceeded to ask George the rules and George told him that I did nothing wrong. I’m shocked. He hates me with a passion. But, thanks, I guess,

During the game Matt got Lorenzo Cain to toss him Andre Ethiers’ 20th homer of the year and 95th of his career. Pretty sweet. Too bad I wasn’t sitting where I should have been. Kicking myself a bit on that one. But Matt deserved it. Good work.
Total 8.25.10.jpg

3 Baseballs, 2 batted, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 112

Games: 30

Season Avg: 3.73

Career Total: 266

This time last year I was at 103 baseballs on the year. So I’m 9 ahead. I really haven’t had any huge days this year which has killed me. Nothing above 7 baseballs this year in a game if I recall. I was at a 3.4 average so obviously I’m doing a bit better than last year. Nice to see some progression. I’m still aiming for that 300th baseball this year. I’m 34 away from 300, with 7 games left right now. Maybe I can throw 2 more games in there. I’d need to average 4.86 baseballs a game. It could be a rough road. Hopefully I get there!