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Monday, April 4th 2011, Brewers V.S. Braves @ Miller Park

T’was Opening Day in Milwaukee and the air was a little cool. We left to go to Miller Park around 8:30 and it was a 1:00 game. We arrived around 9:15 and waited a good hour to park. After we parked Matt, my Dad, and I went and played some catch by the Harley Davidson Gate. The gates would open at 11:10 and I sprinted up to the LF Bleachers to hear baseballs bouncing off the bleachers. It was music to my ears.

I quickly picked up a Casey McGehee homer that was rattling in the seats and as I was picking that one up I found another baseball just chillin under a bleacher. That put me at BASEBALL #1 & BASEBALL #2 for the day. Great start not even being in the stadium for 2 minutes and locking up some baseballs on the day!

Shortly after that, Casey McGehee hit a BP homer that I ended up catching on the fly. After I caught that baseball, I looked down the row and noticed 2 Easter Eggs staring at me so I walked over and picked those up. Another 3 baseballs in the sack for BASEBALL #3,#4, and #5. I have never gotten more than 2 baseballs on Opening Day so I was jacked. Some lefties came up so I made my move to the RF Bleachers!

Once I made my way up to the bleachers. After around 5 minutes I ended up making a nice catch leaning over the railing, getting a kudos from Kameron Loe and Zach Braddock. I’m not sure who hit it. It was one of our lefties either Reed or Kotsay. So I was at BASEBALL #6 and I still wanted more.

I ended up asking newly acquired Pitcher Sergio Mitre for a baseball in Spanish and he tossed it up to me to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day and then the Brewers ran off the field. It was the Braves turn to take some BP.

They didn’t hit much up but I got Jonny Venters and Scott Linebrink to each toss me a baseball to get me BASEBALL #8 & #9 and that was it for the day.

Some of the Packers threw out the first pitch and the Brewers lost 2-1 in the home opener. Were 0-4 but we’ll get back on track.
100_0350.JPGDuring the 6th and 7th inning I went with my dad to visit one of his bosses and he bought my Dad and I a beer! Good Man! He’s a Cubs fan but it’s all good. I mentioned to him I’ve never been to Wrigley and he said he’d try and get tickets! He also has a son who I think he said was 15 who I’m gonna bring along to a game one time. Try and teach him the art of catching baseballs.

9 Baseball’s, 3 Batted (2 on the fly), 3 Toss up’s, 3 Easter Eggs.

Season Total: 9

Games: 1

Season Avg: 9

Career Total: 322


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The Off Season

I recently attended Brewers On Deck last weekend and I must say it was great o get back into the baseball mood. Opening Day is only a month and a half away and I can not wait. The Brewers look promising this year and the team seems to be happy. We just need to get that Rickie Weeks deal done.

My plans this coming year consist of attending around 20 games at Miller Park and taking trips to Kansas City in April to visit Jeremy Jeffress, Lorenzo Cain, and Alcides Escobar. Then in June I’m planning on going to Miami for the Marlins series with Matt, Nick, and Kenny. Then two weeks after that if the plans come through going to historic Fenway park for a visit to see the Crew take on Red Sox Nation. Then to wrap up my road trips I’d like to hit up PNC Park in Pittsburgh with Wiley, Matt, and family.

I’m hoping to have another successful year in terms of catching baseballs and enjoying myself at the park. The Brewers keep me out of trouble in the summer. I will be attending the Arctic Tailgate sometime at the end of this month to get my Opening Day tickets and a few other games I’d really like to go to. I’ll take some pictures and have a post about the tailgate. Superbowl XLV is coming up!

Wednesday, August 25 2010, Brewers V.S.  Dodgers

Today of course started like any other day with a split of motz sticks at Friday’s and 0 baseballs during Brewers BP. Seems to be an occuring thing… It sucks!

I had seats in the Tundra Section and when I walked into the section I found a goose egg for BASEBALL #1. I saw Prince hit it there during Brewers BP and just kept my eye on it the whole BP so I could go and grab it.

Then after the first group was through for Dodgers BP Andre Ethier hit one out to the section and I leaned over the railing and caught it for BASEBALL #2. The guy next to me was not too happy. He said were not supposed to move from where were standing that was my ball. I told him no ball is anybody’s until it is in their possession. He then proceeded to tell me that George the usher would tell me the rules and that he wasn’t going to let me get another baseball today.

Matt Kemp lifted one to deep RCF and I knew it was going behind me our I’d make a leaping catch. Option one happened it went right over my head into the Tundra Seats behind me then it took a favorable bounce and I leaned over the section and picked it up for BASEBALL #3. The guy then proceeded to ask George the rules and George told him that I did nothing wrong. I’m shocked. He hates me with a passion. But, thanks, I guess,

During the game Matt got Lorenzo Cain to toss him Andre Ethiers’ 20th homer of the year and 95th of his career. Pretty sweet. Too bad I wasn’t sitting where I should have been. Kicking myself a bit on that one. But Matt deserved it. Good work.
Total 8.25.10.jpg

3 Baseballs, 2 batted, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 112

Games: 30

Season Avg: 3.73

Career Total: 266

This time last year I was at 103 baseballs on the year. So I’m 9 ahead. I really haven’t had any huge days this year which has killed me. Nothing above 7 baseballs this year in a game if I recall. I was at a 3.4 average so obviously I’m doing a bit better than last year. Nice to see some progression. I’m still aiming for that 300th baseball this year. I’m 34 away from 300, with 7 games left right now. Maybe I can throw 2 more games in there. I’d need to average 4.86 baseballs a game. It could be a rough road. Hopefully I get there!

Tuesday, August 24 2010, Chicago White Sox V.S. Baltimore Orioles @ US Cellular Field

Today started with our normal train ride from Waukegan to Chicago at the 2:10 time. Matt, Sal, and I. When I was paying the guy for my ticket apparently I was mistakin’ him for his paper. We ended up talking for a bit and he told me to have fun at the game. Keep this in mind for later.

When we got to the gates they Opened at 5:35 to let us in to BP. Matt and I hustled to LF where he got a baseball right away. So, I decided to go to RF. The bullpen catcher was just finishing up a session with a pitcher and he tossed me a baseball for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon retrieved a baseball I proceeded to say, “Hey Alfredo! What do ya say?!?!” He proceeded to hook me up with BASEBALL #2 on the day and I thanked him for the baseball.

Then about 3 minutes after that Orioles IF Julio Lugo fielded a fly ball and lightly under my breath because I didn’t know if he had seen me get the other to I said Julio. He then turned and I threw up my arms and he hit me up with BASEBALL #3. I had 3 baseballs in the matter of 10ish minutes…

I moved back over to LF to play fly balls and see what I could get. A ball was smashed and bounced up the steps, off of a guys hand and started dribbling down the bleachers and I picked it up with the bare hand! Do not pick up a rolling ball with your glove! So I was at BASEBALL #4.

Four baseballs was my goal on the day. After I picked that one up I heard some BOOing and junk towards my buddy Matt. Apparently he dropped a ball right to him and it landed in the moat. I proceeded to “cup trick” it out while Matt was still gettin’ a lot of ****. The last 3 mins of BP left he went on a tare and snagged 3 baseballs on the fly like back to back to back and everybody shut up. He ended up with 8 baseballs and I was at BASEBALL #5 and that was it for the day!
cell 8.24.10.jpg

We took the 10:35 train back from Chicago and we had the same conductor as before so we chatted for a bit before we got on the train then on the train I talked to him and I asked if he had any kids. He told me he had a daughter and I asked if he wanted a baseball for her. He said sure, but I might throw it at you when you walk off the train. He was quite humorous. We talked some Madden, some NBA and a bit of where he was from. Moral of the story, he was cool and he made the train ride go a bit quicker. (Fo Sho), He’d get that. Hopefully he’ll be checking the blog out sometime.

5 baseballs, 3 toss up, 1 batted, 1 device

Season Total: 109

Games: 29

Season Avg: 3.76

Career Total: 263
total 8.24.10.jpg

Monday, July 26 2010, Mariners V.S. White Sox @ U.S. Cellular Field

Wiley, Matt, and I decided to take a trip to the Cell to see the Mariners take on the red hot White Sox. We left Cedarburg around 12 to take a ride to the Waukegan Train Station. Hopped on the train and took the 1.5 hour trip into the Oglivie Station in Chicago. We took the 2:10 train. So we arrived in Chicago approximately around 3:45. We chilled in the station for a few minutes then took the walk to the Subway to get to the Cell. We were there an hour before the gates opened so we played some catch for a bit.

Once the gates opened at 530 we hustled in and I found a goose egg in the Left Field bleachers for BASEBALL #1 of the day. That was easier than I had thought but the rest of the day was a little rough.

I ended up getting Mariners pitcher Chris Seddon to toss me BASEBALL #2 on the day and I yelled to CF where he was and I was in RF and he hurled it right to me and I politely thanked him for hookin’ me up.

After BP I went to the White Sox bullpen and had the opportunity for the “cup trick”.
cup trick at the cell.jpgI ended up getting a hold of it for BASEBALL #3 and my final baseball of the day. Before the game started we went over to the Mariners Pen and before the game started all the Mariners pitchers got together and prayed.. I think…
no idea.jpg

You be the judge. For the game this was our view down the LF line.
view at the cell.jpgI ended up 3 feet of snagging a Paul Konerko home run during the game which snuck just pass the foul pole right into the bullpen. Damn it. Nice to have isle seats though.
The Cell.jpg
Here’s a good all around view of “The Cell”.

My total for the Day.
total in the cell.jpg

3 baseball’s, 1 toss up, 1 device, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 91

Games: 24

Season Avg: 3.79

Career Total: 245

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Saturday, July 24 Brewers V.S. Nationals

As usual today started off with Matt and I going to Friday’s. The doors would open at 4. Two hours early which was a bit exciting. We could acctually be in the bleachers while the Brewers were taking bp. We got up to the bleachers and Weeks bombed one over my head and I turned and waited for a huge bounce and got it in my favor for BASEBALL #1.

Brewers batting practice with no more luck in sight. Time to move on to Nats. I stood in an old spot I used to stand every game pre-ball hawking. It paid off with me snagging a ball off the bat of a Nats hitter on the fly. That puts me at BASEBALL #2.

BASEBALL #3 came via the toss up of Nationals pitcher Sean Burnett and BASEBALL #4 came via pitcher Doug Slaten. That was it for the day and the Brewers ended up taking game 2 of the series and my buddy “The Happy Youngster” caught a Braun game home run.

4 baseball’s, 2 batted up, 2 tossed up

Season Total: 87

Games: 22

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 241