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Wednesday, April 6th 2011, Brewers V.S. Braves @ Miller Park

My buddy Tim would be attending this game with me and we went to Friday’s before the game for some Brewers batting practice. Only to find out you have to spend a minimum of $50 to sit at an outside table now. We looked at each other and decided we’d do it. We each got drinks, I had a soda and he had a beer. We got and appetizer of Motz Sticks and I ordered a Jack Daniel’s burger and he got a Bacon Cheeseburger. After that we got dessert. I got some oreo cookie ice cream thing and he got a mixed drink! Lol. We ended up spending 60$ between the two of us.

So, I got Brewers pitching coach Rick Kranitz to toss me a baseball right away. The first one he under threw then he got it right to me. That’s BASEBALL #1. The one baseball he under threw landed here:

It’s kind of a blury picture because I was trying to focus on BP. But later on, Zach Braddock tossed me that same baseball for BASEBALL #2. That summed up Friday’s and we left on an extra full stomach!

We went to wait by the LF gate and chatted it up with my buddy Richard who is a Miller Park usher and he told us all about how to get women. It was a funny conversation to say the least. When the gates opened I rushed to the LF bleachers and got nothing. No Easter Eggs or anything and the first group of BP was mostly lefties so I wondered over to RF.

I got to right field and there was maybe 20 people scattered throughout the bleachers. I know people don’t look very hard for baseballs and all the baseballs tend to roll down to the front row. So I walked along the front row and picked up two easter eggs along the way. People standing within 5 feet of both of them and never noticing them. Lucky me! BASEBALL #3 & #4 the really easy way!

When I was up there I saw somebody I knew and started talking to him. As we were talking Jason Heyward hit a ball I knew was going to land 4 rows down from me. I thought my buddy saw it so I did not move. Apparently he didn’t and it bounced off the stairs right back onto the field. I would have caught it. Easily.

After that I moved down into the Tundra Territory to try for a baseball and towards the end of BP I got Braves pitcher Craig Kimbrel to toss me BASEBALL #5 on the day which ended up being my last.

As for Tim, it was his first batting practice and he ended up with two baseballs as well! While successfully ripping a hole in his pants. But he was happy to get two baseballs and I’m sure his son was excited to see when he got home!

Here’s Tim and his Balls!:
100_0397.JPGHere’s my share:
100_0398.JPG5 Baseball’s, 3 tossed up, 2 Easter Eggs

Season Total: 14

Games: 2

Season Avg: 7

Career Total: 327

I’ll leave off with a few photos I took. Zach Grienke was out shaggin’ baseballs during BP as well.




I’ve been really lazzzzzzzzy. Summary of the Last 4 games. July 6,7,9,10. Brewers V.S. Giants & Pirates

I was thinking and after this year I’m only going to go to about 10 Brewers games a year and ball hawk at the majority of them. I’m not going to try near as hard though. I’m gettin’ old. Haha. I’m planning on taking a few road trips next year to a few new stadiums and get some baseballs there. Also I plan on attending the 2011 ASG and Home Run Derby in Arizona. Time to start saving some dough. I decided I want to hit 300 career baseballs by the end of this year. which leaves me 81 away right now with roughly 18 games left this year prolly give a few. I need to average 4-5 baseballs a game. We’ll see if I can do it. Time for some updates because I’ve been way too lazy lately.
July 6:
The day started with a Zach Braddock toss up in Friday’s and I gave it to my buddy Sal because it was his Birthday. Happy Birthday buddy! BASEBALL #1.

Then Casey McGehee hit a home run and it doinked behind Friday’s into the indoor concourse. I hopped the fence and grabbed the ball and got yelled at by security. He made me walk all the way back around to get back inside with BASEBALL #2.

Just as we were about to leave Corey Hart hit a home run and it bounced in the bullpen and took the perfect hop into my glove for BASEBALL #3.

So, I went up to the bleachers in LF and Tim Lincecum was standing in CF and I hollared, “Ay Tim!” and he turned and I waved my arms and he threw me BASEBALL #4.  The baseball was game rubbed and everything.

Then I ended up with Pablo Sandoval cracking a shot off the bat and I moved down about 2 rows and made the catch on the fly to earn me BASEBALL#5 and my last baseball of the day. This baseball also happened to be game rubbed. Sweet deal.
My 9 year old brother Brady also happened to gather 4 baseballs together as well today. Pretty impressive!
7.6.10.jpg5 total baseballs, 3 batted, 2 tossed up

Season Total: 70

Games: 18

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total:  224

July 7:
Once again as almost every day, we started off at Friday’s. I got a Johnathon Lucroy toss up and a John Axford toss up for BASEBALL #1  & #2.  I proceeded to give the Axford baseball away to the kid next to me from San Francisco who’s empty glove needed a baseball. The kid thanked me and so did his mom and I was happy they were happy.

I then got a Giants pitcher to toss me up BASEBALL #3 and I gave that one away to a kid as well. I hate when I’m generous to give away baseballs and the kid doesn’t even say thank you. Oh well.

I then ended up getting another Giants pitcher to hook me up with BASEBALL #4 and I safely put that one in the bag to keep. That was it for the day.

4 baseballs, all 4 toss up’s

Season Total: 74

Games: 19

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total: 228

July 9:
We sat in the Home Run Porch at Friday’s and I quickly for the second day in a row got Zach Braddock to toss me BASEBALL #1.

While sitting at Friday’s I saw a baseball hit in the seats and memorized where it was and when the gates opened I ran over to grab it for BASEBALL#2.

Pirates BP started and I was standing near the Foul Pole and Pirates P Sean Gallagher was standing in Left Center Field. He had 3 baseballs in his glove and I yelled Sean. He turned and looked. I then waved my hands and he launched me BASEBALL #3 and I graciously thanked him.

I then grabbed a Pirates BP home run ball that doinked around in the RF bleachers for BASEBALL #4 and shortly after caught a Pedro Alvarez ball on the fly to get BASEBALL #5 and snag my final baseball on the day.

5 baseballs, 2 batted, 2 toss ups, 1 easter egg.

Season Total: 79

Games: 20

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 233

July 10:
Matt and I quickly ate at Friday’s and got up to the bleachers at 4:10 when the gates had opened. I ran down a Casey McGehee home run ball for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after I nabbed Rickie Weeks on the fly to get me to BASEBALL #2 on the day.

I moved over to RF once the Pirates came onto the field and Justin Thomas shot me BASEBALL #3 for the day and I was determined to get at least one more.

I ended up catching Delwyn Young’s BP Hr Ball on the fly for BASEBALL #4 and I was content with that.

We were supposed to sit in the bleachers for the game:
view 7.10.10.jpg
But we decided we never sit up high. So we went to the highest spot in the corner and watched the game from here:
view 7.10.10 high up.jpgI don’t think the view was that bad. But anyways. Here’s a pic of the catch of the day:
4 baseballs, 3 batted, 1 toss up

Season Total: 83

Games: 21

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 237

So I’m now 63 baseballs away from 300. With Approx. 14 games left. Maybe a few more. I still have to average 4 to 5 baseballs a game. I Hope I can get to 300 before the end of the season! This time last year. June 11, 2009. I was at 82 baseballs. I had attended 23 baseball games with a 3.56 avg a game. I am slightly up on that. I’m happy about that. Haha. Just a random fact of the day.