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Saturday, September 26 2009 Brewers V.S. Phils

I scored two tickets behind the dugout for this game. I took my buddy Damian with me and we of course went to Friday’s. I had to show him how we do ballhawking. Kinda geeky. hah, but I love it. It’s what I do yo.
view 9.26.jpg

So right away I say Claudio Vargas in CF and I asked him for a baseball and he didn’t even hesitate and tossed it up to me for BASEBALL #1.

Then Brewers prospect Alcides Escobar was out there with J.J. Hardy. What a coincidence that’d he’d be gone after this year and Escobar will be out new SS. But I asked him for a baseball and he was quick to shoot one up as well for BASEBALL #2. He was throwing them to everybody. I like this guy.

Then I remembered after reading one of the Happy Youngster’s blogs there’s a spot I hadn’t check for a long time. I decided to go check this secret spot and there was 2 baseballs in the spot. One that was doodled all over by David Weathers and it said Stormy on it because he loves the Alabama Crimson Tide. It was also signed. This was a very unique baseball. That’s how I ended up with BASEBALL #3 and BASEBALL #4.

We got to see braun hit a Walk Off Homerun into the Tundra Territory which is where I’d be sitting the next day. Just my luck.
walk off 9.26.jpg
total 9.26.jpg2 toss up’s and 2 found?

Season Total: 132

Season Avg: 3.38

Career Total: 152

Friday, August 28 2009 Brewers V.S. Pirates @ Miller  Park

This day was insane. We went early for autographs and got a few. Then we came into Friday’s at our normal time. Right when I sat down David Weathers strode into the bullpen. There was 2 baseballs. He proceeded to throw me one for BASEBALL #1 of the day, and the other one to Happy. Haha! I was pumped feeling a good day especially after being in there for 2 minutes or less and already got a baseball in the bags.

So then I saw Jesus Colome in CF fielding the fly balls during batting practice. I shouted out a quick what’s up Jesus and he turned around and waved. Can you guess where the next baseball ends up? Yup. In my glove for BASEBALL #2.
Fielder…. was just jockin’ on those baseball’s bitch a$$es today. He shot one out of a cannon into the first row of the Dew Deck. I kept my eye on that the rest of BP. It was my mini obsession for a half hour. I left Friday’s 6 minutes early. Hauled my *** up the stairs because that’s what I do. Im quick like a cat! Asked the lady if I could look for a ball I saw hit up here. She’s like sure…? But I doubt there’s any up here. I ran to where I say it hit and picked up that egg! The people were like wow who hit that. I was like uhhhh my homie Prince yo. BASEBALL #3. Great day so far.  Then I ran to the line and got Prince’s autograph!

So I heard from Happy that Brandon Moss a Pirates OF was paying off Pirates fans. So I ran to RF and hollared his name. He turned around and I waved and he waved back. Next baseball he scanned the bleachers to find me and found me and I got BASEBALL #4.

Then as I was walking by Friday’s I heard a ball hit in the tables and I jumped over the railing and quickly grabbed it for BASEBALL #5.

While I was over there I saw Pirates pitcher Matt Capps in the OF. Shouted his name and asked for a baseball when it came to him. Sure enough like always he tossed me up BASEBALL #6  of the day and I still wasn’t done!

Somehow I don’t recall where I think it was in the RF bleachers I got a toss up from Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton and That’s when Pirates BP ended and I had BASEBALL #7.

Our seats were a treat! We had a drunk guy in front of us and it was just hilarious. I barely even watched the game because of this guy:  youtube.com/watch?v=4V5JHC5HNSY&feature=related       ……………………. There’s like 3 other ones too. I ended up getting a Braun toss up after catch resulting in BASEBALL #8. and this drunk guy constantly bitched at me to give him the baseball. It was hilarious. I never gave it to him. lol
total 8.28.jpg

6 toss up’s, 2 easter eggs

Season Total: 115

Season Avg: 3.59

Career Total: 135

Wednesday, August 12 2009 V.S. San Diego  Padres

View from seats:
view seats 8.12.jpg
So Today, at the start of the day i was really feeling the goose egg. The Brewers were hitting nothing up! I’m going to be short and simple today. After Braun was taking reps in the outfield he tossed me up BASEBALL#1. Then new Brewer David Weathers threw me up BASEBALL#2. 
118 and 119.jpg
Then after Braun and Cameron warmed up before the first inning I got his toss up for my 100th baseball on the season making it BASEBALL#3! I was excited. I waited till like the last possible time to get number 100. It was driving me crazy being stuck at 99. But now it’s all good. A milestone…
season total 100, career 120.jpg
3 total, all thrown up

Season Total: 100

Career Total: 120

Season Avg: 3.5