Sunday, May 16 2010 Brewers V.S. Phils

This club needs some fire and they certainly have none. I see a few changes coming in the nearby future for the Milwaukee Brewers. Things are just not going well.

My day started off with my usual trip to Friday’s of course. My buddy Matt was absent to the game with me so my buddy Anthony  (AKA TWAN) filled in his spot for the game. Randy Wolf was in Left and I gave him the ol’ what up head nod with a swift how ya doin Randy? He retaliated with a ball being tossed to me that was in his glove for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after that a kid probobly 10 years old 2 tables over from me made a tremendous catch off the bat of Rickie Weeks right into his glove protecting his family. It was a hell of a catch, kudos well deserved.

Then the next hitting group came up and Corey Hart jacked one onto the point again and I hurdled some fences, collected the baseball, and handed it to the kid above’s ^ friend. He and his mom were very thankful. It’s nice to make a kids day and get BASEBALL #2 of the day all in one swift motion.

The rest of batting practice was rather lame. I managed to get up to the bleachers when the gates opened in time to get LaTroy Hawkins to toss me up BASEBALL #3.

For Phil’s BP I stood in LF for the first group and Jayson Werth was just bombing them one of which I happened to run down for BASEBALL #4. I must say after the first hitting group for the Phillies sit down because it’s going ot be a long batting practice. Howard and Utley don’t even try and put any out.

During the game I sat next to Twan and Sal. Sal is attending most games with me this year. I just met him last year in the bleachers. Yeah weird things happen at Miller Park, you meet people and become friends. haha.

We sat in front of 4 drunk guys the whole game and they were frekin’ hilarious! They were droppin *** like crazy and Twan and I were just geekin’! The big guy behind me insisted that it was not him. He told me to hold his money cup while he proceeded to pull his pants to half mass and bend over in Anthony’s face to ask him if his *** smelt like the fart. I laughed so hard that I cried. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time! I swear they pounded down 35+ beers and bought the kids around them cotton candy and dippin’ dots because they were swearing so much. Ha ha!

The whole game the people next to those guys looked really familiar. Then I started talking to one of them and she told me she sees me here all the time. What a surprise? I kept making awkward eye contact with her daughter through out the game… Towards the end of the game I started to talk to her 10 year old brother and out of no where he goes, she wants to know your name! Pointing to the girl I was having awkward eye contact with, lol. I told her and wrote down my name and she wrote down her name and number. I’m a lucky guy. lol.

The Brewers lost again 4-2 on national T.V. 8 loses in a row at home. This is getting pathetic.

4 Total Today, 2 toss up’s. 2 batted up

Season Total: 39

Season Avg: 3.9

Career Total: 193


One comment

  1. baseballtraveler

    I’d like to quote a famous philosopher
    “I don’t know what you heard about me,
    but a bit** can’t get a dollar out of me,
    no cadillac, no perms, you can’t see,
    that I’m a mother f**king P-I-M-P”

    Minnesota in 3 days


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