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The Off Season

I recently attended Brewers On Deck last weekend and I must say it was great o get back into the baseball mood. Opening Day is only a month and a half away and I can not wait. The Brewers look promising this year and the team seems to be happy. We just need to get that Rickie Weeks deal done.

My plans this coming year consist of attending around 20 games at Miller Park and taking trips to Kansas City in April to visit Jeremy Jeffress, Lorenzo Cain, and Alcides Escobar. Then in June I’m planning on going to Miami for the Marlins series with Matt, Nick, and Kenny. Then two weeks after that if the plans come through going to historic Fenway park for a visit to see the Crew take on Red Sox Nation. Then to wrap up my road trips I’d like to hit up PNC Park in Pittsburgh with Wiley, Matt, and family.

I’m hoping to have another successful year in terms of catching baseballs and enjoying myself at the park. The Brewers keep me out of trouble in the summer. I will be attending the Arctic Tailgate sometime at the end of this month to get my Opening Day tickets and a few other games I’d really like to go to. I’ll take some pictures and have a post about the tailgate. Superbowl XLV is coming up!

Tuesday, April 27 2010, Brewers V.S. Pirates

This is the game where conflict had happened…

So I took my normal strut to Friday’s after having a brief talk with “The Happy Youngster“. My buddy Matt joined a table with him as Wiley (My Cousin) and I took another table for batting practice.
Not long into batting practice Rickie Weeks hit a bomb into the area where the “best seats in the house” used to be in center field also known as “the point”. It hit under the T.V. booth… Knowing I had other conflicts with a certain someone before him thinking any baseball hit near him is automatically his I told him he could have it. He goes, “I don’t know where it is”. I said ok hopped the fence to the point at crawled under the stairs and grabbed BASEBALL #1.  From this moment on I had knew he was going to be pissed. But I really had no wrong, I gave him a fair chance at the baseball. But I got ripped for it in his blog. Whatever. Back to BP.

I then managed to snag a Casey McGehee baseball off the bat on the fly. I looked at the baseball and as I was looking at it something caught my eye. No, not a left hook from the other ballhawk, it was a “TPX” logo mark imbeded into the baseball from McGehee’s bat. I though that was rather darn skippy as I snagged it for BASEBALL #2.
Shortly after that Rickie Weeks was up and happened to hit another one into the concourse behind us at Friday’s. I did hesitate for a minute but I did jump the fence again and grab BASEBALL #3. From that time on any other baseball that was hit out there I was going to just tuck my tail inbetween my legs and not go after because I was grinding “the best in the biz’s” gears. 

As we were about to head out of Friday’s, Corey Hart was hitting and the baseball bounced in the bullpen and shot up over the railing and I snatched it right out of thin air! BASEBALL #4! I was sitting pretty for the day already and we were done with one batting practice.

So we have the begining of Pirates Batting Practice… I went to the RF Loge bleachers. It paid off yesterday so I was hoping to have similar luck…I looked down into the pen and a Pirates Coach was lolligagin’ into the bullpen where there were 2 baseballs. I politely asked for a baseball and he tossed me  BASEBALL #5 of the day. Sweet.

I then traveled over to Left Center Field into the Loge Bleachers and hit up Joel Hanrahan for
BASEBALL #6.  Then went over a few sections and asked Brain Bass for a baseball and he fired me  BASEBALL #7 of the day. I hate it when people are standing next to you and the guy is clearly throwing to you and they try to snag the baseball. Well that was my final baseball of the day. Not too shabby and my best total of the year so far.
total 4.27.10.jpgview 4.27.20.jpg

7 Baseballs, 4 hit up, 3 tossed up

Season Total: 29

Season Avg: 4.14

Career Total: 183

And I’ll leave off with a little preview of my baseball holder that I’m assembling in woods class at school. In the middle where the diamond is there is going to be baselines and bases added into it and the brewers throwback logo in the middle. It’s going to look pretty cool I think. I’m currently 6 baseballs short of filling it. As you can see the top is not completely filled.
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Brewers On Deck: January 31, 2010. Midwest Airlines Center.

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I woke up around 4:30 A.M. for this event. I wanted to be at the Airlines Center by 6 A.M. and wait it line. So my buddy Matt and I met Nick there. We waited 4 hours in line and made a trip to Dunkin’ Doughnuts. We planned out our day on what autographs we wanted to get. My plan was to get to Gallardo and roam around and look at a few things then get in line for Escobar and Gamel around 1:30. They were signing at 3:45. I accomplished the Gallardo task, I was 7th in line. Then for the Gamel and Escobar I was around 80th in line. While I was in line I noticed Prince was signing memorabelia when they said he was not going to. i was very dissapointed. This would have changed my whole game plan for the day. But after Escobar I went over and got a picture with my buddy Mitch Stetter. He remembered Matt and I and called us the “ball stealers”. He’s a great guy. My favorite Brewer I must say. That pretty much summed up a long day of waiting in line. But it got me in the mood for baseball season even more!

Me matt and Mitch.jpg

Me and Escobar.jpg
Me and Narveson.jpg

Saturday, September 26 2009 Brewers V.S. Phils

I scored two tickets behind the dugout for this game. I took my buddy Damian with me and we of course went to Friday’s. I had to show him how we do ballhawking. Kinda geeky. hah, but I love it. It’s what I do yo.
view 9.26.jpg

So right away I say Claudio Vargas in CF and I asked him for a baseball and he didn’t even hesitate and tossed it up to me for BASEBALL #1.

Then Brewers prospect Alcides Escobar was out there with J.J. Hardy. What a coincidence that’d he’d be gone after this year and Escobar will be out new SS. But I asked him for a baseball and he was quick to shoot one up as well for BASEBALL #2. He was throwing them to everybody. I like this guy.

Then I remembered after reading one of the Happy Youngster’s blogs there’s a spot I hadn’t check for a long time. I decided to go check this secret spot and there was 2 baseballs in the spot. One that was doodled all over by David Weathers and it said Stormy on it because he loves the Alabama Crimson Tide. It was also signed. This was a very unique baseball. That’s how I ended up with BASEBALL #3 and BASEBALL #4.

We got to see braun hit a Walk Off Homerun into the Tundra Territory which is where I’d be sitting the next day. Just my luck.
walk off 9.26.jpg
total 9.26.jpg2 toss up’s and 2 found?

Season Total: 132

Season Avg: 3.38

Career Total: 152

Friday, August 28 2009 Brewers V.S. Pirates @ Miller  Park

This day was insane. We went early for autographs and got a few. Then we came into Friday’s at our normal time. Right when I sat down David Weathers strode into the bullpen. There was 2 baseballs. He proceeded to throw me one for BASEBALL #1 of the day, and the other one to Happy. Haha! I was pumped feeling a good day especially after being in there for 2 minutes or less and already got a baseball in the bags.

So then I saw Jesus Colome in CF fielding the fly balls during batting practice. I shouted out a quick what’s up Jesus and he turned around and waved. Can you guess where the next baseball ends up? Yup. In my glove for BASEBALL #2.
Fielder…. was just jockin’ on those baseball’s bitch a$$es today. He shot one out of a cannon into the first row of the Dew Deck. I kept my eye on that the rest of BP. It was my mini obsession for a half hour. I left Friday’s 6 minutes early. Hauled my *** up the stairs because that’s what I do. Im quick like a cat! Asked the lady if I could look for a ball I saw hit up here. She’s like sure…? But I doubt there’s any up here. I ran to where I say it hit and picked up that egg! The people were like wow who hit that. I was like uhhhh my homie Prince yo. BASEBALL #3. Great day so far.  Then I ran to the line and got Prince’s autograph!

So I heard from Happy that Brandon Moss a Pirates OF was paying off Pirates fans. So I ran to RF and hollared his name. He turned around and I waved and he waved back. Next baseball he scanned the bleachers to find me and found me and I got BASEBALL #4.

Then as I was walking by Friday’s I heard a ball hit in the tables and I jumped over the railing and quickly grabbed it for BASEBALL #5.

While I was over there I saw Pirates pitcher Matt Capps in the OF. Shouted his name and asked for a baseball when it came to him. Sure enough like always he tossed me up BASEBALL #6  of the day and I still wasn’t done!

Somehow I don’t recall where I think it was in the RF bleachers I got a toss up from Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton and That’s when Pirates BP ended and I had BASEBALL #7.

Our seats were a treat! We had a drunk guy in front of us and it was just hilarious. I barely even watched the game because of this guy:  youtube.com/watch?v=4V5JHC5HNSY&feature=related       ……………………. There’s like 3 other ones too. I ended up getting a Braun toss up after catch resulting in BASEBALL #8. and this drunk guy constantly bitched at me to give him the baseball. It was hilarious. I never gave it to him. lol
total 8.28.jpg

6 toss up’s, 2 easter eggs

Season Total: 115

Season Avg: 3.59

Career Total: 135

Tuesday, August 25 2009 Brewers V.S. Reds @ Miller  Park

So I have a lot of catching up to do. Wiley’s been getting on my case about filling this in so he can read it in his college classes. So here it goes.
view 8.25.jpg

This day started off with the normal stuff at Friday’s. Most boring batting practice ever… Not one baseball hit up to us in Friday’s or anywhere near us. So I decided to go up to the bleachers 5 min early. Gates don’t open until 5:30 but i was up there at approximatley 5:23. Casey was hitting. Always good for a few bp hr balls in the bleachers. It was Matt, Nick, and I up there. McGehee hits one….. I ran up 3 things of bleachers… Turned around jumped up caught the ball and landed my side on the bleachers…. ouch. It was the best/ worst hurting catch I had made. Even the Happy Youngster told me great catch. I needed to get on the board and sacrafice was my way for BASEBALL #1.

I was happy with one for the day so I went and chilled by the 3B side. There was a pop fly and Reds Infielder Adam Rosales proceeded to chase it down right in front of me and tossed me the ball after no 1 sec of the ball being in his glove. It’s an asking world as Mike Cameron said. That paid off for my last baseball of the day being BASEBALL #2.

1 toss up, 1 on the fly

Season Total: 103

Season Avg: 3.4

Career Total: 123

Monday, August 17 Kansas City Royals @ Chicago White Sox, U.S. Cellular Field

This is the first time I have ever been to
“The Cell”. But it all started off with a drive to Miller Park to meet
with “The Happy Youngster”. Matt and I drove down to meet him at
Miller. There we proceeded to hop in his truck and take a long hour
drive to Waukegan, IL. We just missed the 2:10 train to Chicago so we
had an hour to spare. We played catch in the parking lot for about 40
minutes. That was Fun. Then we hopped on the train.

When I had gotten in the train, This was my view:
Train view.jpgtrain view top.jpgFairly interesting, There was 2 levels to the train. I thought that was pretty cool. More photos on the way:
view out.jpg

Look like rain…Remember that for a little later on.
view out 2.jpgLittle
View of Chicago. This whole time on the train we were in a predicament
if there was going to be Batting Practice or not. It poured in
milwaukee and looked like it was going towards Chicago. We prayed there
was batting practice. Nick had to brake the Coghlan curse!
He was ready to go!:
we then finally after an hour and a half or so train ride got to the
train station on Madison St. We then walked 10 or so blocks to get to a
subway. Here are some pictures I
 took on the way:
mad st 2.jpg
mad st.jpg

So the after our 10 block walk to the subway we proceeded to hop on it. It took about 10 minutes to get to where we needed to get off. Then I saw this!:
the cell.jpgWe immediately felt the grass here and checked for signs of rain. It didn’t look too bad. We were just hoping if any rain was on the way it’d hold off till after bp. Then it’d be ok. I kinda wanted a rain delay. We don’t get them at Miller park. We got to the park at about 5:08.  The gates opened at 5:30. We sprinted up 3 sets of long stairs, to the 100 level then all the way from home plate to LF. We got to see the last 5 mins of Sox BP. I proceeded to get a toss up and that was it for the day. BASEBALL #1! That’s all I really wanted. I was ok with one. Randy Williams was the one who had tossed it up. After BP it started to pour. Resulting in an hour and a half rain delay. It’s exactly what I had wished for. I had crappy seats so for the rain delay i headed to a place i’d like to sit. Second row on the first baseline. Everybody crowded around us. No one showed up in the seats we were in! YES! We had stellar seats the whole game. After the 7th inning we moved down to row one. This was a cool experince. It rained a little bit during the game but it sure didn’t keep the crowds away. It was still packed. The Sox ended up winning and everyone was happy. I got to see Bobby Jenks. Kinda cool. Check out “The Happy Youngsters” blog. He did something really cool after the game. I will leave you with a few pics of  “The Cell”.
cell2.jpg cell3.jpg

cell 6.jpg
cell 7.jpg
cell 8.jpg
cell 10.jpg
cell 14.jpg
ticket chc.jpg
Good night Chicago!
chc nite.jpg
Time we got back…. Yeah 3:33 A.M.
time got back.jpg
total 121.jpg
1 Toss up

Season Total: 101

Season Avg: 3.48

Career Total: 121

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