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Tuesday, April 27 2010, Brewers V.S. Pirates

This is the game where conflict had happened…

So I took my normal strut to Friday’s after having a brief talk with “The Happy Youngster“. My buddy Matt joined a table with him as Wiley (My Cousin) and I took another table for batting practice.
Not long into batting practice Rickie Weeks hit a bomb into the area where the “best seats in the house” used to be in center field also known as “the point”. It hit under the T.V. booth… Knowing I had other conflicts with a certain someone before him thinking any baseball hit near him is automatically his I told him he could have it. He goes, “I don’t know where it is”. I said ok hopped the fence to the point at crawled under the stairs and grabbed BASEBALL #1.  From this moment on I had knew he was going to be pissed. But I really had no wrong, I gave him a fair chance at the baseball. But I got ripped for it in his blog. Whatever. Back to BP.

I then managed to snag a Casey McGehee baseball off the bat on the fly. I looked at the baseball and as I was looking at it something caught my eye. No, not a left hook from the other ballhawk, it was a “TPX” logo mark imbeded into the baseball from McGehee’s bat. I though that was rather darn skippy as I snagged it for BASEBALL #2.
Shortly after that Rickie Weeks was up and happened to hit another one into the concourse behind us at Friday’s. I did hesitate for a minute but I did jump the fence again and grab BASEBALL #3. From that time on any other baseball that was hit out there I was going to just tuck my tail inbetween my legs and not go after because I was grinding “the best in the biz’s” gears. 

As we were about to head out of Friday’s, Corey Hart was hitting and the baseball bounced in the bullpen and shot up over the railing and I snatched it right out of thin air! BASEBALL #4! I was sitting pretty for the day already and we were done with one batting practice.

So we have the begining of Pirates Batting Practice… I went to the RF Loge bleachers. It paid off yesterday so I was hoping to have similar luck…I looked down into the pen and a Pirates Coach was lolligagin’ into the bullpen where there were 2 baseballs. I politely asked for a baseball and he tossed me  BASEBALL #5 of the day. Sweet.

I then traveled over to Left Center Field into the Loge Bleachers and hit up Joel Hanrahan for
BASEBALL #6.  Then went over a few sections and asked Brain Bass for a baseball and he fired me  BASEBALL #7 of the day. I hate it when people are standing next to you and the guy is clearly throwing to you and they try to snag the baseball. Well that was my final baseball of the day. Not too shabby and my best total of the year so far.
total 4.27.10.jpgview 4.27.20.jpg

7 Baseballs, 4 hit up, 3 tossed up

Season Total: 29

Season Avg: 4.14

Career Total: 183

And I’ll leave off with a little preview of my baseball holder that I’m assembling in woods class at school. In the middle where the diamond is there is going to be baselines and bases added into it and the brewers throwback logo in the middle. It’s going to look pretty cool I think. I’m currently 6 baseballs short of filling it. As you can see the top is not completely filled.
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Monday, April 26 2010 Brewers V.S. Pirates

Yeah………… Ive been really busy and have been unable to update this until now. Not like anybody cares because nobody reads it. I guess it just helps me keep track of where I’m at and if others happen to wonder over and read it that’s cool. Maybe I have some people who read this every once in a while. Just maybe. Haha.

So let’s get down to business. I happened to get no baseballs in Brewers batting practice which has been a faminous trend, (if that’s even a word), since the beginning of the year. So once Pirates started to take BP I went and hit up RF. Where Ryan Church was hitting bombs. I positioned myself to try and snag one of them. About 5 rows up I was standing. He ended up hitting one over my head and a bit to the right and I ran over and beat out somebody to grab it. I was relieved, one baseball in the bag for BASEBALL #1.

After that lucky rundown, I was just scanning the outfield patiently watching batting practice until I heard a whistle coming from down below. Just a reminder I was sporting the Pirates stuff for BP and for BP ONLY! I looked down and I was being whistled at like a hot blonde on broadway. Pirates Pitcher DJ Carrasco looked at me and waved his arms and threw me BASEBALL #2. I myself thought that was pretty sweet because I didn’t even have to ask for it.

So I moved down to the field level where Brain Bass was standing and having fun flinging baseballs into the stands like guys fling nickels on ****** a$$es on nickel night. That was a little uncalled for I must say, at least it made me chuckle? The morale of the story is that he spotted me and threw me a knuckleball as he delivered me BASEBALL #3.

I ran into school friends Austin and Mary. They gave me poo for the Pirates stuff. I told them it was all in good fun and they understood. I shrugged it off and went to the loge level and snagged me BASEBALL #4 of the day via Pirates Pitcher Brendan Donnelly.

Then before the game started I had BASEBALL #5 tossed to me while I was standing in the Tundra Territoy.
plus 1 4.26.jpg
5 baseballs, 4 tossed up and 1 via the bat.

Season Total: 22

Season Avg: 3.67

Career Total: 176