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Brewers On Deck: January 31, 2010. Midwest Airlines Center.

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I woke up around 4:30 A.M. for this event. I wanted to be at the Airlines Center by 6 A.M. and wait it line. So my buddy Matt and I met Nick there. We waited 4 hours in line and made a trip to Dunkin’ Doughnuts. We planned out our day on what autographs we wanted to get. My plan was to get to Gallardo and roam around and look at a few things then get in line for Escobar and Gamel around 1:30. They were signing at 3:45. I accomplished the Gallardo task, I was 7th in line. Then for the Gamel and Escobar I was around 80th in line. While I was in line I noticed Prince was signing memorabelia when they said he was not going to. i was very dissapointed. This would have changed my whole game plan for the day. But after Escobar I went over and got a picture with my buddy Mitch Stetter. He remembered Matt and I and called us the “ball stealers”. He’s a great guy. My favorite Brewer I must say. That pretty much summed up a long day of waiting in line. But it got me in the mood for baseball season even more!

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Monday, September 21 2009 Brewers V.S. Cubs @ Miller  Park

The next few entries are going to be short and straight to the point. I don’t remember much about the games. It’s been a few months.

Baseball #1: Mitch Stetter toss up
Baseball #2: Hardy BP Hr ball on Fly
Baseball #3: Braun BP Hr ball
Baseball #4: Jason Bourgeois toss up
total 9.21.jpg

3 toss up’s, 1 on the fly

Season Total: 128

Season Avg: 3.36

Career Total: 148

Sunday, September 5 2009 Brewers V.S. Giants @ Miller  Park

This was an unusual game start time. 3:05? It was nationally televised. This was the worst day I had ever had at Miller Park in my life! We got to Friday’s and we could not eat outside! WTF?!?! You wanna know why? Davey Nelson one of the Brewers FSN guy was eating on the patio and wanted it all to himself. He has 1 of the like 15 tables out there and it’s closed! It finally opened with like 10 min left. I somehow got a Mitch Stetter toss up. I was shocked. BASEBALL #1???
The very rare way. I knew there was a catch.

I went up to the bleachers. Saw Tim Lincecum get a ball and hollared and waved my arms… Guess who got it? Matt….. This always happends to me. Then I went to RF. OH! and I didn’t have my glove for this game I had my brothers insanely small glove. I proceeded to drop a bp hr ball. Then I’d move to where baseballs were being hit and they’d go where I previously was. I could not get in a groove. I also proceeded to cut my leg open pretty well
 One lousy baseball that day. WTF! and Braun didn’t even hit his 100th hr in the homestand! FML!

1 toss up.

Season Total: 119

Season Avg: 3.5

Career Total: 139

Friday, July 24 V.S. Atlanta Braves

So Matt and I as usual went to Brewers Batting Practice. The day started of so slow. The Brewers really haven’t been pounding them out during bp whatsoever. So Mitch Stetter walked in the bullpen. We have been getting more friendly with Mitch. He’s starting to talk to us now and threw Matt a ball the game before. So we got his autograph. Cool Beans!

So Mitch then left the bullpen. A ball was hit right to him. I said Mitch! Can you throw me that ball? He says I threw you guys one last time. I’m like that was to Matt! He said to me, How many baseballs you got? I said uhhhh 1…. he throws it up and i continued…. hundred and three. He turns around… Really? How many you got now? I go 103. He turns around laughing and says uncalled for. I laughed and said thanks and he gave me the thumbs up for BASEBALL #1!

So then shortly after that Mike Rivera came out to shag some bp balls. I said hey hows it going and he gave me to ol’ headnod. Well next baseball he got I asked for and recieved BASEBALL #2.

That was it for the day but during Braves bp I got catcher David Ross to sign my baseball. Two firsts today. Mitch Stetter threw me up a ball and Mike Rivera! Sweet.

2 Baseballs, both thrown up

Season Total: 84

Career Total: 104

Season Avg: 3.5