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Tuesday, July 27 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds

Home Run Porch = Poo.
That’s all I have to say about. We came out of Friday’s with absoulutely nothing!
I stood in the LF bleachers and could not get a good play on one ball. Johnny Cueto kept faking out the fans with fake throwing baseballs and then not throwing it up. With about 10 minutes left in BP he threw me a baseball and I handed it to the kid next to me and he saw me do that. Literally 10 seconds later he fired me up a second baseball as to say here, keep this one for giving the other one to the kid. I thanked him and another 3 minutes later batting practice was over. I came away with BASEBALL #1 &#2  in the matter of 10 seconds of each other and that was it for the day.

The Brewers got demolished and Alcides Escobar played LF, Joe Inglett Pitched, and George Kottaras played RF for an inning. Alcides was out in the LF for 3 innings and he has a hell of an arm I must say. Joe Inglett pitched a scoress 9th inning with only 6 pitches being thrown.

2 baseball’s, both tossed up

Season Total: 93

Games: 25

Season Avg: 3.72 (It’s amazing what 3 ****** games can do to your average.)

Career Total: 247

7.27.10.jpgI’m now at 247 baseballs and I wanted to be at 300 total by the end of the season. It’s not looking like it is going to happen. I have roughly 11 games left. Prolly 3 or 4 more games thrown in the somewhere. Let’s say I have 14 games left… 53 baseballs divided by 14:3.75 basbealls a game. I may be able to manage that. But if I only do go to 11 more 4.8 balls a game is a stretch. Well see what happens.

Saturday, May 30 2009 V.S. Reds

Another decent day at Miller. First Hart BP Hr ball!

View from my seats:
view 5.30.jpg

So Right away Jorge Julio and Corey Hart each throw one up to me. BASEBALLS #1 and #2.

Then I caught my first Corey Hart ball ever a BP hr  ball on a fly in Friday’s! BASEBALL #3!

Then Micah Owings threw one up again and I asked him to sign it. So he met me over by the field and said Hey Hows it goin? Weren’t you here yesterday. I responded with Yes Sir I was. Nice to meet ya. He then signed my baseball and went down to sign a few more. BASEBALL #4.

Then Johnny Cueto threw me BASEBALL #5.

total 5.30.jpg

4 thrown up, 1 caught on fly

Season count: 68

Season Avg: 4