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Friday, May 21 2010, Brewers V.S. Twins @ Target  Field

We started a 6 hour drive to Minneapolis at approx 8:00 in the morning. On our way we had to find something to entertain ourselves. Nothing better that making a sign or two to post on the window. Our first sign read this:
Surprisingly, it was mostly senior citizens that we had honk at us. But, if people didn’t honk we posted up the new sign that read, “I guess not…”. We only had one guy that told us we were number 1 if you know what I mean. It kept us entertained for the 6 hour ride which only felt like 2.

After we arrived at the Holiday Inn Metrodome we took a shuttle over to the nearest rain station at paid 50 cents for out downtown tick and go to see this happen:
car crash.jpgYup, we witnessed a car crash. The squeal of the tires and the BOOM! The guy across from the train station says,”That Son of a Bitch in that white van (it’s a white truck…) ran that red light!” It was quite comical after they were ok. And we also saw the Metrodome which blended into the dark blah sky.
Metrodome.jpgAfter that when we arrived to Target Field we took a walk around the park, into the gift shop. We also then went into the skywalk and looked around for a bit. When I went to Gate 34 this was my view:
Gate 34.jpgBeautiful Target Field in front of my eyes! When the gates opened 2 hours ahead of time I quickly snagged BASEBALL #1 off the bat of Twins star Joe Mauer. It was a shot hit into the second deck.

After that I decided to go down by the Brewers dugout because I don’t get to see them that up close at home. I’ll start off with a few pictures:
Target Field.jpg
Target Field 2.jpg
Target Field 3.jpg

Rickie Weeks was walking out after warming up with Alcides Escobar and he had a baseball in hand. As he was just passing third base I was standing behind the dugout and I yelled for Rickie waved my hands and he threw me BASEBALL #2!

After that I went up to the Home Run Porch for BP and sucessfully snagged BASBEBALL #3 off the bat of Ryan Braun. The Brewers got smoked in a 7 run 1st inning and ended up loosing 15-3. Not a good day for the Brew Crew. I’ll say good bye with some pictures!
Target Field 5.jpg
Target Field 6.jpg
Target Field 7.jpg

Total 5.21.10.jpg
3 total baseballs, 2 batted up, 1 tossed up

Season Total: 42

Season Avg: 3.8

Career Total: 196

Saturday, September 19 2009 Tigers V.S. Twins @ HHH  Metrodome

After a night at the hotel and a few pizzas later my cousin and I checked out. We had a few hours to blow before the game. We roamed and looked at the new Target Field, and a few of the other things in downtown Minneapolis. I gotta say the new Target Field looks pretty awesome.
Target 3.jpgWe got let in for batting practice 2 hours before the game. I found out that the Twins don’t like to throw up much to thier fans at home. I did manage to get another Eddie Bonine toss up during BP for BASEBALL #1. Lucky me.

Then it was getting close to the end of batting practice. There were no baseballs that were able to be cup tricked and the security was fairly stable. I saw a Tigers IF with a baseball. They were getting ready to run in and I hollared Brent! Baseball please! I think he was shocked somebody knew who he was. He pin pointed me and I had BASEBALL #2.

Few Pics:
HHH3.jpgDuring the game I got a text from the Happy Youngster saying he had just caught a Lance Berkman homerun in Milwaukee. Then about an inning later I had a Michael Cuddyer homerun hit 5 feet away from me. I tried shoveing the guy next to me her boxed me out, tried catching it, and it hit him right in the hands and down 3 rows. I was pissed to say the least. I said, I had a glove I could have caught that! It bothered me all night. Still does. There will be more chances.
HHH HR.jpg
HHH HR2.jpg
The Twins ended up taking 2 of 3 and ended up going to the playoffs and loosing in the first round to the World Champion Yankees. Boo.
total HHH 2.jpg

2 toss up’s

Season Total: 124

Season Avg: 3.4

Career Total: 144