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Friday, May 29 2009 V.S. Reds

This was a day that with the weather so nice outside I knew Fridays would be rediculously packed. And I was right it was. So I had figured I’d end up with jack squat in Brewers BP. And in all, it was a Friday so I had figured I’d do bad overall. Boy was I wrong. I’m going to get straight to the point on most of them.

First 3 mins of Brewers BP. Bush hits a fly ball by Todd Coffey and he throws up BASEBALL #1.

Then when the first group of big hitters were up Hardy hits a bomb into Friday’s and no one was paying attention so I grabbed it off the bounce. BASEBALL #2.

Then next time Hardy was up crack I catch it on the fly.BASEBALL #3. The old guy next to me yelled at me and was calling me innapropriate names lol because I already had three baseballs. With more yet to come.

Then my main man Mark DiFelice threw one up. BASEBALL #4.

Then to end the Brewers BP I jumped over the railing of Friday’s to grab a Bill Hall Hr ball. BASEBALL #5.

So I went and threw on my Reds hat.

I said Hey to Edinson  Volquez and he gives me a thumbs up and shoots me a baseball right away. BASEBALL #6.

So I chugged over to RF where reds SS was shaggin’ fly balls. He saw me and I got BASEBALL #7! I AM NOW ONE AWAY FROM MY CAREER HIGH! I HAVE TO REACH IT I SAY TO MYSELF!

So I ran to LF by Francisco Cordero. Tosses up BASEBALL #8. Now I’m thinking to myself… Do I stop trying so hard or go and try to get more.

I went back up to the LF bleachers and hollared at Micah Owings. He then threw BASEBALL #9 up and I had just reached my record! I was PUMPED!

Then to cap it off I reached double digits with Mike Lincoln throwing me  BASEBALL #10!

Sooooooo Today was a great day!

5.29 total 10.jpg

9 Thrown up, 1 Bp Hr ball caught on fly

Season Total: 63

Season Avg: 3.9

Thursday May 14, 2009 V.S. Florida

Today I was at school in 1st hour. Then I called my dad and he said he had 2 tix to todays game. So I left and went to the game. I got BASEBALL #1 thrown up by Mark DiFelice and it was hit by Fielder. My first baseball hit by Prince.
Fielder Bp Ball 5.14.jpg

Then Ed Sedar threw me up BASEBALL #2.  Noting that exciting during bp today. The Brewers went on to sweep the Marlins and are now on a 5 game win streak. Except that this baseball was number 70 on the career and 50 on the year. Cool beans.
5.14 total.jpg

Both thrown up.

Season Total: 50

Season Avg: 3.85

bobble 2.jpg
pyramid 5.14.jpg
My baseball pyramid so far. Bobbleheads and baseball too.

Friday May 1, 2009 V.S. D-Back at Miller Park

So I went to Friday’s with my buddy Seger for this batting practice. It was throwback day at Miller Park. It must have been 5 minutes that I hollared at Mark DiFelice who normally is pretty courteous threw me up BASEBALL #1.

Then Chris Duffy a few minutes later threw me BASEBALL #2.

So now Weeks is up to the plate. Crack a Hr ball hit over the Friday’s so I hop the railing like usual and get BASEBALL #3.
Weeks 5.1.jpg

Then A few group later Billy Hall hit one almost pin point to where Weeks did and same thing happened. BASEBALL #4.
Hall 5.1.jpg

Then Brewers BP Concluded.

So I had my hitting chart for the D-backs and their names. They weren’t very courteous to throw balls up unless you have D-Backs stuff on. I noticed that. So I texted my friend McKabe and had him let me use his hat for Sunday. But anyways, Crack! I look up and Chad Tracy’s Hr ball is coming right to Seger. He somehow manages to loose it and doinkes off his shloulder on a fly. (OUCH) The ball then proceeds to roll right down the bleachers into by hands. BASEBALL #5. I felt kinda bad but he robbed me a few days before so he deserved it.haha.
Chad Tracy 5.1.jpg 

2 Thrown up, 3 hr bp baseballs

Season Total: 37

Baseballs to Date: 57

Season Avg: 4.1111111