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Tuesday, August 10 2010, Twins V.S. White Sox @ US Cellular Field

This was my second trip to US Cellular Field on the year. The White Sox are battling the Twins in the mits of a pennant race. This should be a fun game especially sporting my Twins apparel. Once again we’d be taking the 2:10 train. Sal, Wiley(He needs to do some blog updating himself), and I. The gates would open a little late at 5:34 and we hustled to the LF Bleachers. I was 1 away from 250 career baseballs and 5 from 100 on the year. Could I do both of the goals on the day?

The first thing I did was run over to the bullpen down the LF line and I spotted a ball that was gettable with a device. So i pulled it out (lolz) and I retrieved BASEBALL #1 and my 250th baseball of my career! I would have rather had my 250th tossed to me or caught but I’ll take what I can get.

Then I went over the the first row of LF and got Twins Pitcher John Rauch to toss me a baseball for BASEBALL #2 on the day. In the matter of about 7 or 8 minutes.

After that I roamed to RF because the power house lefties in Jason Kubel and Joe Mauer were taking BP. I was standing about 8 rows back and ended up catching me one on the fly while almost being tackled. BASEBALL #3. The Twins fan in the front row goes, ” OH! and the Twins fan catches over all of the White Sox fans!” I just laughed and gave him the “head nod”.

My last ball came via the “cup trick” as well and it put me at BASEBALL #4 on the day and I was sitting at 1 baseball from 100 on the year.

The Twins would go on to blast the White Sox 12 to 5 hitting 4 home runs during the game. Including a JJ Hardy bomb which was kind of nice to see a former Brewer taking it to a Chicago team.
total 8.10.10.jpg
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joe mauer.jpg
new friend.jpgWiley and Sal Decided I made a new friend at the train station. Haha
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total 8.10.10 2.jpg
4 Baseballs, 2 device, 1 toss up, 1 batted

Season Total: 99

Games: 27

Season Avg: 3.67

Career Total: 253