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Saturday, July 24 Brewers V.S. Nationals

As usual today started off with Matt and I going to Friday’s. The doors would open at 4. Two hours early which was a bit exciting. We could acctually be in the bleachers while the Brewers were taking bp. We got up to the bleachers and Weeks bombed one over my head and I turned and waited for a huge bounce and got it in my favor for BASEBALL #1.

Brewers batting practice with no more luck in sight. Time to move on to Nats. I stood in an old spot I used to stand every game pre-ball hawking. It paid off with me snagging a ball off the bat of a Nats hitter on the fly. That puts me at BASEBALL #2.

BASEBALL #3 came via the toss up of Nationals pitcher Sean Burnett and BASEBALL #4 came via pitcher Doug Slaten. That was it for the day and the Brewers ended up taking game 2 of the series and my buddy “The Happy Youngster” caught a Braun game home run.

4 baseball’s, 2 batted up, 2 tossed up

Season Total: 87

Games: 22

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 241