Tuesday, May 11 2010, Brewers V.S. Braves

I started my day walking to Miller Park from General Parking at this sight:
Miller 5.11.10.jpgYeah, not such a beautiful sight. Miller Park and the Brewers were off to a gloomy start this year. But, on April 6, it was a Tuesday, and the exact same conditions, and the exact same seats. And on May 12th last year, I snagged my first homerun ball ever. On a Tuesday, rainy day, roof closed, same section, same jersey. Can history repeat itself 3 times?

Oh, and a random picture of Matt, lol:
Durr.jpgDoesn’t he look real pumped?!? DURRRRRRRRR.

When I walked into Friday’s we got ourselves a patio seat out behind the bullpen. It was literally us and 3 other tables. Not much competition if the Brewers could acctually poke some out today:
Friday's.jpgThe pleasant view I had from Friday’s for the action of batting practice. With my trusty glove sitting on the end of the table. The day started off blah and didn’t get any more exciting then that. I did manage to hit “DD” Doug Davis up for a toss up while sitting there. BASEBALL #1. But all I came out with was one baseball during the Brewers portion of BP. So Lame.

So I booked over to RF during Braves BP and they were not toss up happy what so ever toward my direction. It was fairly dissapointing. I did have Peter Moyler attempt to shoot me up a baseball and threw it 3 feet over my head and he said he was sorry and never game me another shot.

I then proceeded to roam the bleachers for a bit in RF and found a clean goose egg just sitting underneath a bleacher with one little scuff on it. I found this rather weird because BP had been taking place for almost a half hour and I ended up finding it when there was a few people in the bleachers already. But I’ll take the ball for BASEBALL #2.

Braves BP ended. I was not a happy camper coming out with 2 baseballs when I came in shooting for 3 to maintain my average at, at least 4 baseballs. So I went to my seats and ended up seeing that Matt just killed today. 6 Mother Effing baseballs! I need to take advantage of my seats and stay in that section for BP. The three times I had them this year I did not go there for BP (Kicking Myself ). I went over to the Braves bullpen and saw the bat boy wondering around in there. The Brewers supply the bat boy for the away team every game and it’s always like the same kid. I asked him for the baseball laying at the end of the steps and he tossed it to me. I politely said thank you and he said no problem. What a nice guy. I got BASEBALL #3. That was exactly my goal for the day. That totally changed my mood for the day until the Brewers started to get rocked.

The moral of the story is that I did not catch another homerun ball today even though the conditions were in my favor. Oh well. Not many chances you get to have a play on a homerun ball. I’m happy I have 3 under my belt and I’m fairly content!
total 5.11.10.jpg
186.jpgOH! This is my throw back baseball for if I catch an opposing teams home run! It reads, “GO GOMEZ GO”. Kinda an inside joke.:

3 total baseballs, 2 toss up’s, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 32

Season Avg: 4

Career Total: 186

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