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Saturday, August 21 2010, Brewers V.S. Padres (Happy Birthday Wiley!), Chases’ first Ballhawk Exp.

So I had an extra ticket for this game and I would hit up my cousin Chase who is going to be a Freshman in High School and hes a bad ***. He’s a ladies man too girls. Give him a call sometime. Anyways the day would begin with the car ride of Chase, Brady ( My Brother ), and I to Miller Park. We arrived and went to Friday’s.
I had my usual seat at Friday’s and had my usual interaction with Ryan Braun when he came to the outfield. Almost right away Extreme Ballhawk Chase got a baseball courtesy of Brewers bullpen Catcher as well as Brady getting a baseball.
Chase.jpgThe gates would open 2 hours ahead of time so we finished our motz sticks and went to the LF bleachers.

I ended up chasing down in the rattling bleachers BASEBALL #1 hit my Casey McGehee and it was my 100th baseball of the year!

Shortly after that I ended up catching BASEBALL #2 on the fly off the bat of Casey McGehee.

Then after the Weeks hit a ball that rattled in the bleachers that I managed to chase down for  BASEBALL #3 and then that group was done.

The next group had Braun in it. He hit one and it was going first row in the section to my left so I ran over and stood in row two and put my glove up ready to catch it and then the guy next to me stuck his glove up and it nicked off his glove and I caught it before it hit the ground for BASEBALL #4!

Batting Practice was about over and the Padres started and the stadium was packed and the Pads weren’t hitting many up to the bleachers. So I went over to RF and got an unidentified Padres player to toss me BASEBALL #5. I was done for the day and it was the first time I hit 5 baseballs in 8 games. Maybe Chase was good luck?

As for the game Sal joined us and Braun made a huge diving catch then came up the next inning to blast a Home Run! The Brewers won the game!

5 Baseballs, 4 batted, 1 toss up

Season Total: 104

Games: 28

Season Avg: 3.71

Career Total: 258
total 8.21.10.jpg