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Sunday, October 3 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

Once again today I woke up at 7 with the intentions of playing catch with Brewers Pitcher Jeremy Jeffress:


I started the day off wtih a John Axford autograph and after the team bus rolled in I was hoping that Jeffress was not on it. About 7 minutes later he pulled up in a taxi and asked me if I was going to be able to get inside with him. I said, “I’ll follow you, If anyone asks I’m with you”. So I followed him in the players entrance and we walked in and he told me he had to go change and to meet him on the field. I went up to the field and got a field pass! I could not believe it. I was on the field and playing catch with a MLB Player. We played catch for a few minutes and after I still got to stay on the field and watch BP. I talked with Carlos Gomez, Craig Counsell, and Brandon Kintzler as well. Before Jeffress went in he signed a baseball for me and gave me the two baseballs we played catch with. This was an experience of a lifetime! Than you Jeremy Jeffress. You made a fan for life! Here’s some pictures:

Jeremy and I.jpg

Jeremy and I 2.jpg
BP GABP 2.jpg
BP GABP 3.jpg
helmets GABP.jpg
We would sit behind the dugout for the game and see something interesting. Braun hit a pop fly to RF during the 4th inning and he didn’t run it out or anything. Fielder came into the dugout after the inning and SCREAMED, ITS STILL A EFFING GAME! Braun was benched for the game due to his lack of hustling. I have a feeling he wants out of Milwaukee.

After the game Jeremy Jeffress tossed me his hat and I got Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks batting gloves. It was the best day of my life. I can’t thank Jeremy Jeffress enough.

2 Baseball’s, Catch with? haha

Season Total: 159

Games: 41

Season Avg: 3.88

Career Total: 313

Total 10.3.10.jpg

Saturday, October 2 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

Today started similar as yesterday. I would get up at 7 to go to the players entrance and try and get me some autographs. I ended up getting Prince Fielder, Carlos Gomez, Lorenzo Cain, and Rickie Weeks on my Game Homer from earlier this year.

Weeks Hr signed.jpg

There would be no batting practice today but I walked into the Stadium and picked up 6 baseballs laying on the ground and then got Manny Parra to toss me a baseball to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day. It would turn out to be a cold day and would rain during the game. Our view for the game was the same as yesterday. After the game Kenny and I went to White Castle and went to Cold Stone Creamery.

I forgot to cover on this in the blog from yesterday. During yesterday’s game this is what the scoreboard looked like for 5 innings:

Milwaukee astros.jpg

Can you see it? I’ll zoom in a bit:

Milwaukee astros 2.jpg

That there reads the “Milwaukee Astros” basically. They ended up changing it midway through the game. The Astros were in town the night before.

7 Baseball’s , 6 easter eggs, 1 toss up

Season Total: 157

Games: 40

Season Avg: 3.93

Career Total: 311

Total 10.2.10.jpg

Wednesday, August 25 2010, Brewers V.S.  Dodgers

Today of course started like any other day with a split of motz sticks at Friday’s and 0 baseballs during Brewers BP. Seems to be an occuring thing… It sucks!

I had seats in the Tundra Section and when I walked into the section I found a goose egg for BASEBALL #1. I saw Prince hit it there during Brewers BP and just kept my eye on it the whole BP so I could go and grab it.

Then after the first group was through for Dodgers BP Andre Ethier hit one out to the section and I leaned over the railing and caught it for BASEBALL #2. The guy next to me was not too happy. He said were not supposed to move from where were standing that was my ball. I told him no ball is anybody’s until it is in their possession. He then proceeded to tell me that George the usher would tell me the rules and that he wasn’t going to let me get another baseball today.

Matt Kemp lifted one to deep RCF and I knew it was going behind me our I’d make a leaping catch. Option one happened it went right over my head into the Tundra Seats behind me then it took a favorable bounce and I leaned over the section and picked it up for BASEBALL #3. The guy then proceeded to ask George the rules and George told him that I did nothing wrong. I’m shocked. He hates me with a passion. But, thanks, I guess,

During the game Matt got Lorenzo Cain to toss him Andre Ethiers’ 20th homer of the year and 95th of his career. Pretty sweet. Too bad I wasn’t sitting where I should have been. Kicking myself a bit on that one. But Matt deserved it. Good work.
Total 8.25.10.jpg

3 Baseballs, 2 batted, 1 goose egg

Season Total: 112

Games: 30

Season Avg: 3.73

Career Total: 266

This time last year I was at 103 baseballs on the year. So I’m 9 ahead. I really haven’t had any huge days this year which has killed me. Nothing above 7 baseballs this year in a game if I recall. I was at a 3.4 average so obviously I’m doing a bit better than last year. Nice to see some progression. I’m still aiming for that 300th baseball this year. I’m 34 away from 300, with 7 games left right now. Maybe I can throw 2 more games in there. I’d need to average 4.86 baseballs a game. It could be a rough road. Hopefully I get there!

Saturday, May 15 2010 Brewers V.S. Phils

Coming into this game, the Brewers have lost their last 6 games at home. We’ve won 4 games total the whole year and 2 of them were in the Opening Series against the Rockies. With all said and done it’s been a long year already seeing the Crew at home, and really even watching them on T.V. on the road. We need to turn these foe’s around. I decided to mix it up a bit at Friday’s today with a nice Three-For-All platter.
Food 5.15.10.jpgFrom our table then. This was our view with a wide open roof at beautiful Miller Park!
Fridays view 5.15.jpgMy new Brewer favorite who is currently on the DL at the time Carlos Gomez was out in CF. With a swift shout of Carlos! He turned and we had some sort of air high fiving motion going on. It was kinda funny. Next baseball he got he hooked me up for BASEBALL #1. This guy should definately be a fan favorite. I wonder if he was like this in Twinkie Nation?

Then Jody Gerut came out to CF, I don;t normally say much to him because normally if you do he doesn’t really say much but this time it seemed like he was in a great mood. He waved and under threw me on a baseball. He said sorry and the next one he got to me for BASEBALL #2. I have a picture of him. I need to get a camera. My phone just isn’t going ot cut it for much longer.
Gerut.jpgDuring this time there were a few baseballs hit into the bullpen that were capable of a device being used on them. But I don’t risk bringing it into Miller Park. 😦
Cup trick possible.jpg

I wasn’t really paying close attention when Fielder was up to hit during BP. He rarely hits the ball to Left Center and even if he does it doesn’t make it in the stands. Well, this one made it into the point having me hop a series of gates to get to it for BASEBALL #3.
p;oint 5.15.10.jpg
During this BP I had misjudged a baseball and during Phillies BP I had only one shot and a ball and a guy reached his glove in front of me and muffed it. I hate it when that happens.

My view today was this:
view 5.15.10.jpg

Yeah big *** foul pole in the way so I managed to squeeze in the front row of sec 203 in the RF bleachers until there was no more room. Not even after one full inning Prince Fielder hit his home run right where we were sitting in RF. If only we didn’t get kicked out of those seats…

Total 5.15.10.jpgOh yeah, the Brewers now have the “PRACTICE” written on their baseballs.The Brewers also went on to lose their 7th straight at home. Oh Boy!

3 total today, 2 toss up’s, 1 hit up

Season Total: 35

Season AVG: 3.89

Career Total: 189

Brewers On Deck: January 31, 2010. Midwest Airlines Center.

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I woke up around 4:30 A.M. for this event. I wanted to be at the Airlines Center by 6 A.M. and wait it line. So my buddy Matt and I met Nick there. We waited 4 hours in line and made a trip to Dunkin’ Doughnuts. We planned out our day on what autographs we wanted to get. My plan was to get to Gallardo and roam around and look at a few things then get in line for Escobar and Gamel around 1:30. They were signing at 3:45. I accomplished the Gallardo task, I was 7th in line. Then for the Gamel and Escobar I was around 80th in line. While I was in line I noticed Prince was signing memorabelia when they said he was not going to. i was very dissapointed. This would have changed my whole game plan for the day. But after Escobar I went over and got a picture with my buddy Mitch Stetter. He remembered Matt and I and called us the “ball stealers”. He’s a great guy. My favorite Brewer I must say. That pretty much summed up a long day of waiting in line. But it got me in the mood for baseball season even more!

Me matt and Mitch.jpg

Me and Escobar.jpg
Me and Narveson.jpg

Friday, August 28 2009 Brewers V.S. Pirates @ Miller  Park

This day was insane. We went early for autographs and got a few. Then we came into Friday’s at our normal time. Right when I sat down David Weathers strode into the bullpen. There was 2 baseballs. He proceeded to throw me one for BASEBALL #1 of the day, and the other one to Happy. Haha! I was pumped feeling a good day especially after being in there for 2 minutes or less and already got a baseball in the bags.

So then I saw Jesus Colome in CF fielding the fly balls during batting practice. I shouted out a quick what’s up Jesus and he turned around and waved. Can you guess where the next baseball ends up? Yup. In my glove for BASEBALL #2.
Fielder…. was just jockin’ on those baseball’s bitch a$$es today. He shot one out of a cannon into the first row of the Dew Deck. I kept my eye on that the rest of BP. It was my mini obsession for a half hour. I left Friday’s 6 minutes early. Hauled my *** up the stairs because that’s what I do. Im quick like a cat! Asked the lady if I could look for a ball I saw hit up here. She’s like sure…? But I doubt there’s any up here. I ran to where I say it hit and picked up that egg! The people were like wow who hit that. I was like uhhhh my homie Prince yo. BASEBALL #3. Great day so far.  Then I ran to the line and got Prince’s autograph!

So I heard from Happy that Brandon Moss a Pirates OF was paying off Pirates fans. So I ran to RF and hollared his name. He turned around and I waved and he waved back. Next baseball he scanned the bleachers to find me and found me and I got BASEBALL #4.

Then as I was walking by Friday’s I heard a ball hit in the tables and I jumped over the railing and quickly grabbed it for BASEBALL #5.

While I was over there I saw Pirates pitcher Matt Capps in the OF. Shouted his name and asked for a baseball when it came to him. Sure enough like always he tossed me up BASEBALL #6  of the day and I still wasn’t done!

Somehow I don’t recall where I think it was in the RF bleachers I got a toss up from Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton and That’s when Pirates BP ended and I had BASEBALL #7.

Our seats were a treat! We had a drunk guy in front of us and it was just hilarious. I barely even watched the game because of this guy:  youtube.com/watch?v=4V5JHC5HNSY&feature=related       ……………………. There’s like 3 other ones too. I ended up getting a Braun toss up after catch resulting in BASEBALL #8. and this drunk guy constantly bitched at me to give him the baseball. It was hilarious. I never gave it to him. lol
total 8.28.jpg

6 toss up’s, 2 easter eggs

Season Total: 115

Season Avg: 3.59

Career Total: 135

Thursday May 14, 2009 V.S. Florida

Today I was at school in 1st hour. Then I called my dad and he said he had 2 tix to todays game. So I left and went to the game. I got BASEBALL #1 thrown up by Mark DiFelice and it was hit by Fielder. My first baseball hit by Prince.
Fielder Bp Ball 5.14.jpg

Then Ed Sedar threw me up BASEBALL #2.  Noting that exciting during bp today. The Brewers went on to sweep the Marlins and are now on a 5 game win streak. Except that this baseball was number 70 on the career and 50 on the year. Cool beans.
5.14 total.jpg

Both thrown up.

Season Total: 50

Season Avg: 3.85

bobble 2.jpg
pyramid 5.14.jpg
My baseball pyramid so far. Bobbleheads and baseball too.

Wednesday, April 15 V.S. Reds

So Friday’s above the bullpen is where I start out for BP Today. The first group hitting is JJ Hardy, Rickie Weeks, Prince Fielder, and Bill Hall. So I sit in my seat. Then Bam, JJ sends one sailing into the Midwest Airlines area. It goes under all the electrical equipment. I had to crawl under to get the ball. BASEBALL #1
Hardy 4.15.jpg

Then next time JJ was up about 4 swings in he puts another one out over the Midwest area peak and into the alley way. I jumped the railing and ran for it. Picked it up, BASEBALL #2.
Hardy 4.15 2.jpg

Then when Bill Hall came up he sent one sailing and I hoped the railing once again and had BASEBALL #3 in just the first group of hitters. My luck then ran out from the Brewers that day.
Hall 4.15.jpg

During reds BP I managed to get a ball thrown up for BASEBALL #4.

3 Hit up, 1 thrown up

Season Total: 17

Season Avg: 3.4