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Saturday, September 26 2009 Brewers V.S. Phils

I scored two tickets behind the dugout for this game. I took my buddy Damian with me and we of course went to Friday’s. I had to show him how we do ballhawking. Kinda geeky. hah, but I love it. It’s what I do yo.
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So right away I say Claudio Vargas in CF and I asked him for a baseball and he didn’t even hesitate and tossed it up to me for BASEBALL #1.

Then Brewers prospect Alcides Escobar was out there with J.J. Hardy. What a coincidence that’d he’d be gone after this year and Escobar will be out new SS. But I asked him for a baseball and he was quick to shoot one up as well for BASEBALL #2. He was throwing them to everybody. I like this guy.

Then I remembered after reading one of the Happy Youngster’s blogs there’s a spot I hadn’t check for a long time. I decided to go check this secret spot and there was 2 baseballs in the spot. One that was doodled all over by David Weathers and it said Stormy on it because he loves the Alabama Crimson Tide. It was also signed. This was a very unique baseball. That’s how I ended up with BASEBALL #3 and BASEBALL #4.

We got to see braun hit a Walk Off Homerun into the Tundra Territory which is where I’d be sitting the next day. Just my luck.
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total 9.26.jpg2 toss up’s and 2 found?

Season Total: 132

Season Avg: 3.38

Career Total: 152

Wednesday, August 26 2009 Brewers V.S. Reds @ Miller  Park

We took the usual Friday’s trip today like every single other game of the season which really hasn’t been paying off much. Claudio Vargas was out shaggin’ baseballs in Center Field. He got a baseball and Matt and I hollared at him and he turned around and shot Matt one. So I asked Claudio if he’d shoot me one up and sure enough next baseball he got he shot me up BASEBALL #1.

That summed up how lame Brewers BP was. Seems to be an occuring problem doesn’t it? Yeah it makes me want to fall asleep at batting practice. But anywho back to the basics. Reds batting practice rolled on in. I ran over to where old Brewers pitcher “CoCo” was warming up. I said Hi to him and he turned around and gave me the nod. When he was done playing catch he walked ocer and handed me BASEBALL#2. This guy always seems to hook me up everytime the Reds are in town.

So I headed up to the bleachers staged in LF. Where I asked very politely Reds OF Darnell McDonald if I could have a baseball. I think he was shocked somebody knew who he was. Especially with his warm up on. That’s key yo. Know who the players are. He launched me BASEBALL #3.  It felt good ot get passed two baseballs. It had been a few games since I had done so. Every baseball from here on out was a bonus. As is every baseball after one. But it felt good!1

I was just standing in the first row of the bleachers and a Reds player that I don’t know who was hit a bomb and I jumped up and snowconed it. BASEBALL# 4! I was happy to say the least. Then batting practice concluded with a pretty decent day at the ballpark.

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3 toss up’s, 1 on the fly

Season Total: 107

Season Avg: 3.45

Career Total: 127