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Sunday, October 3 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

Once again today I woke up at 7 with the intentions of playing catch with Brewers Pitcher Jeremy Jeffress:


I started the day off wtih a John Axford autograph and after the team bus rolled in I was hoping that Jeffress was not on it. About 7 minutes later he pulled up in a taxi and asked me if I was going to be able to get inside with him. I said, “I’ll follow you, If anyone asks I’m with you”. So I followed him in the players entrance and we walked in and he told me he had to go change and to meet him on the field. I went up to the field and got a field pass! I could not believe it. I was on the field and playing catch with a MLB Player. We played catch for a few minutes and after I still got to stay on the field and watch BP. I talked with Carlos Gomez, Craig Counsell, and Brandon Kintzler as well. Before Jeffress went in he signed a baseball for me and gave me the two baseballs we played catch with. This was an experience of a lifetime! Than you Jeremy Jeffress. You made a fan for life! Here’s some pictures:

Jeremy and I.jpg

Jeremy and I 2.jpg
BP GABP 2.jpg
BP GABP 3.jpg
helmets GABP.jpg
We would sit behind the dugout for the game and see something interesting. Braun hit a pop fly to RF during the 4th inning and he didn’t run it out or anything. Fielder came into the dugout after the inning and SCREAMED, ITS STILL A EFFING GAME! Braun was benched for the game due to his lack of hustling. I have a feeling he wants out of Milwaukee.

After the game Jeremy Jeffress tossed me his hat and I got Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks batting gloves. It was the best day of my life. I can’t thank Jeremy Jeffress enough.

2 Baseball’s, Catch with? haha

Season Total: 159

Games: 41

Season Avg: 3.88

Career Total: 313

Total 10.3.10.jpg

I’ve been really lazzzzzzzzy. Summary of the Last 4 games. July 6,7,9,10. Brewers V.S. Giants & Pirates

I was thinking and after this year I’m only going to go to about 10 Brewers games a year and ball hawk at the majority of them. I’m not going to try near as hard though. I’m gettin’ old. Haha. I’m planning on taking a few road trips next year to a few new stadiums and get some baseballs there. Also I plan on attending the 2011 ASG and Home Run Derby in Arizona. Time to start saving some dough. I decided I want to hit 300 career baseballs by the end of this year. which leaves me 81 away right now with roughly 18 games left this year prolly give a few. I need to average 4-5 baseballs a game. We’ll see if I can do it. Time for some updates because I’ve been way too lazy lately.
July 6:
The day started with a Zach Braddock toss up in Friday’s and I gave it to my buddy Sal because it was his Birthday. Happy Birthday buddy! BASEBALL #1.

Then Casey McGehee hit a home run and it doinked behind Friday’s into the indoor concourse. I hopped the fence and grabbed the ball and got yelled at by security. He made me walk all the way back around to get back inside with BASEBALL #2.

Just as we were about to leave Corey Hart hit a home run and it bounced in the bullpen and took the perfect hop into my glove for BASEBALL #3.

So, I went up to the bleachers in LF and Tim Lincecum was standing in CF and I hollared, “Ay Tim!” and he turned and I waved my arms and he threw me BASEBALL #4.  The baseball was game rubbed and everything.

Then I ended up with Pablo Sandoval cracking a shot off the bat and I moved down about 2 rows and made the catch on the fly to earn me BASEBALL#5 and my last baseball of the day. This baseball also happened to be game rubbed. Sweet deal.
My 9 year old brother Brady also happened to gather 4 baseballs together as well today. Pretty impressive!
7.6.10.jpg5 total baseballs, 3 batted, 2 tossed up

Season Total: 70

Games: 18

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total:  224

July 7:
Once again as almost every day, we started off at Friday’s. I got a Johnathon Lucroy toss up and a John Axford toss up for BASEBALL #1  & #2.  I proceeded to give the Axford baseball away to the kid next to me from San Francisco who’s empty glove needed a baseball. The kid thanked me and so did his mom and I was happy they were happy.

I then got a Giants pitcher to toss me up BASEBALL #3 and I gave that one away to a kid as well. I hate when I’m generous to give away baseballs and the kid doesn’t even say thank you. Oh well.

I then ended up getting another Giants pitcher to hook me up with BASEBALL #4 and I safely put that one in the bag to keep. That was it for the day.

4 baseballs, all 4 toss up’s

Season Total: 74

Games: 19

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total: 228

July 9:
We sat in the Home Run Porch at Friday’s and I quickly for the second day in a row got Zach Braddock to toss me BASEBALL #1.

While sitting at Friday’s I saw a baseball hit in the seats and memorized where it was and when the gates opened I ran over to grab it for BASEBALL#2.

Pirates BP started and I was standing near the Foul Pole and Pirates P Sean Gallagher was standing in Left Center Field. He had 3 baseballs in his glove and I yelled Sean. He turned and looked. I then waved my hands and he launched me BASEBALL #3 and I graciously thanked him.

I then grabbed a Pirates BP home run ball that doinked around in the RF bleachers for BASEBALL #4 and shortly after caught a Pedro Alvarez ball on the fly to get BASEBALL #5 and snag my final baseball on the day.

5 baseballs, 2 batted, 2 toss ups, 1 easter egg.

Season Total: 79

Games: 20

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 233

July 10:
Matt and I quickly ate at Friday’s and got up to the bleachers at 4:10 when the gates had opened. I ran down a Casey McGehee home run ball for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after I nabbed Rickie Weeks on the fly to get me to BASEBALL #2 on the day.

I moved over to RF once the Pirates came onto the field and Justin Thomas shot me BASEBALL #3 for the day and I was determined to get at least one more.

I ended up catching Delwyn Young’s BP Hr Ball on the fly for BASEBALL #4 and I was content with that.

We were supposed to sit in the bleachers for the game:
view 7.10.10.jpg
But we decided we never sit up high. So we went to the highest spot in the corner and watched the game from here:
view 7.10.10 high up.jpgI don’t think the view was that bad. But anyways. Here’s a pic of the catch of the day:
4 baseballs, 3 batted, 1 toss up

Season Total: 83

Games: 21

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 237

So I’m now 63 baseballs away from 300. With Approx. 14 games left. Maybe a few more. I still have to average 4 to 5 baseballs a game. I Hope I can get to 300 before the end of the season! This time last year. June 11, 2009. I was at 82 baseballs. I had attended 23 baseball games with a 3.56 avg a game. I am slightly up on that. I’m happy about that. Haha. Just a random fact of the day.

Saturday, May 29 2010, Brewers V.S. Mets

I came to the ballpark thinking today was going to be a great ****** day for ballhawking. Hence the fact that the Mets are a high market team and normally no matter how hard I try with high market teams they are that giving. My day started getting autographs courtesy of Joe Inglett, Randy Wolf, George Kottaras and Casey McGehee! Signed in Gold paint pen on my Brewers Authentic helmet.

The normal routine to Friday’s was taken today and it was a lame batting practice. The Brewers were not hitting or throwing anything up. I asked Marco Estrada for a baseball and when he would not give it to me I asked him for his water bottle in Spanish and he tossed it up to me. He and I both thought it was funny.

After Brewers BP ended and I was still sitting on a goose egg I went up to the LF Loge Bleachers and recieved BASEBALL #1 from an unidentified Mets player. During the rest of BP I misjudged 3 more on the fly, 2 that I really had a chance on. It was a horrible day and I was just kicking myself. I guess if I go in with a bad attitude I’ll have a bad outcome. That’s the last time I do that.

During the game Corey Hart hit a Grand Slam Homerun in the top of the 1st inning and put the Brewers on top 4-1! Then the next time he was up he hit a 2-run bomb that just missed my buddy Matt’s glove! Corey Hart has been hot of late and the Brewers were finally starting to pick it up a bit until this last series with the Fish.

My View for the Game:
view 5.29.10.jpgFirst row of the bleachers and an isle seat. During the game Jason Bay hit a ground rule double and lately the players aren’t throwing game balls into the stands and I’m not sure why. They have been throwing them into the bullpen and it’s kinda frusterating. Anyways, I have a few more picutres. Peace Out.
Miller park 5.29.jpgMiller Park leaving the Parking Lot.
total 5.29.10.jpg

1 toss up, and a water bottle

Season Total: 50

Season Avg: 3.85

Career Total: 204

Brewers Win 8-6
Next game is June 12 against the Texas Rangers!

Tuesday, May 25 2010, Brewers V.S. Astros (Baseball  200)

Today was a little bit of a different day going into Friday’s we were told there was no seating available above the bullpen outside… So we opted to sit on the “Home Run Porch” out in LF. We were under the bleacher overhang and on top of that there was a big pennant sign over us. This was going to be rough.

I ended up getting BASEBALL #1 courtesy of Brewers Pitcher Marco Estrada recently sent up from the Minor Leagues who has pitched pretty well so far. The baseball he threw me read. “IPAD”, they started to write things on the sweet spot of the baseball again.

That was all I had until the last group when Corey Hart stepped to the plate. He hit a bomb I knew was going to do one of 3 things, hit just above us, hit the pennant thing in front of me, or just miss the pennant thing and maybe hit the webbing of my glove. I ended up loosing the ball in the sun leaning over the railing to my left, stuck my glove out and it landed right in my glove. Marco Estrada and the people around me said nice catch and I was happy with BASBALL #2 which was number 198 of the career chasing 200!

As soon as we were let in for Astros Batting Practice I headed over to the Tundra Section where I would be sitting today and Wandy Rodriguez was walking out and I asked him for a ball and he threw me BASEBALL #3 with his opposite hand and he was surprised he made it to me and we both laughed about it.
Not even a minute later Astors OF Cory Sullivan threw me BASEBALL #4 which was my 200th career baseball and I was very excited that I had reached 200 baseballs, but I was on a roll so I went for another baseball that Lance Berkman ended up tossing me for BASEBALL #5. It was awesome that I ended up getting 3 baseballs in the matter of almost 3 minutes! Off to left field!

My next baseball was hit up and it rattled in the bleachers so it was a mad scramble for the baseball but I picked it up for BASEBALL #6 and I was pretty happy about being at 6 on the day. As any other person prolly would be as well. I think it was Hunter Pence who hit it but I was not exactly positive.

I would go on to get  BASEBALL #7 tossed up by Astros pitcher Matt Lindstrom and that was it for the day.

Here’s my view for the night:
View 5.25.10.jpgThe Brewers went on to win 6-1 and snapped their 8 game loosing streak at home. Hopefully that flaw is in the rear view mirror:
rearview Miller.jpg

Miller Park 5.25.10.jpg
Total 5.25.10.jpg
7 total baseball’s, 5 tossed up, 2 batted up (1 on the fly)

Season Total: 49

Season Avg: 4.08 🙂

Career Total: 203!

Sunday, May 16 2010 Brewers V.S. Phils

This club needs some fire and they certainly have none. I see a few changes coming in the nearby future for the Milwaukee Brewers. Things are just not going well.

My day started off with my usual trip to Friday’s of course. My buddy Matt was absent to the game with me so my buddy Anthony  (AKA TWAN) filled in his spot for the game. Randy Wolf was in Left and I gave him the ol’ what up head nod with a swift how ya doin Randy? He retaliated with a ball being tossed to me that was in his glove for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after that a kid probobly 10 years old 2 tables over from me made a tremendous catch off the bat of Rickie Weeks right into his glove protecting his family. It was a hell of a catch, kudos well deserved.

Then the next hitting group came up and Corey Hart jacked one onto the point again and I hurdled some fences, collected the baseball, and handed it to the kid above’s ^ friend. He and his mom were very thankful. It’s nice to make a kids day and get BASEBALL #2 of the day all in one swift motion.

The rest of batting practice was rather lame. I managed to get up to the bleachers when the gates opened in time to get LaTroy Hawkins to toss me up BASEBALL #3.

For Phil’s BP I stood in LF for the first group and Jayson Werth was just bombing them one of which I happened to run down for BASEBALL #4. I must say after the first hitting group for the Phillies sit down because it’s going ot be a long batting practice. Howard and Utley don’t even try and put any out.

During the game I sat next to Twan and Sal. Sal is attending most games with me this year. I just met him last year in the bleachers. Yeah weird things happen at Miller Park, you meet people and become friends. haha.

We sat in front of 4 drunk guys the whole game and they were frekin’ hilarious! They were droppin *** like crazy and Twan and I were just geekin’! The big guy behind me insisted that it was not him. He told me to hold his money cup while he proceeded to pull his pants to half mass and bend over in Anthony’s face to ask him if his *** smelt like the fart. I laughed so hard that I cried. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time! I swear they pounded down 35+ beers and bought the kids around them cotton candy and dippin’ dots because they were swearing so much. Ha ha!

The whole game the people next to those guys looked really familiar. Then I started talking to one of them and she told me she sees me here all the time. What a surprise? I kept making awkward eye contact with her daughter through out the game… Towards the end of the game I started to talk to her 10 year old brother and out of no where he goes, she wants to know your name! Pointing to the girl I was having awkward eye contact with, lol. I told her and wrote down my name and she wrote down her name and number. I’m a lucky guy. lol.

The Brewers lost again 4-2 on national T.V. 8 loses in a row at home. This is getting pathetic.

4 Total Today, 2 toss up’s. 2 batted up

Season Total: 39

Season Avg: 3.9

Career Total: 193


Saturday, May 30 2009 V.S. Reds

Another decent day at Miller. First Hart BP Hr ball!

View from my seats:
view 5.30.jpg

So Right away Jorge Julio and Corey Hart each throw one up to me. BASEBALLS #1 and #2.

Then I caught my first Corey Hart ball ever a BP hr  ball on a fly in Friday’s! BASEBALL #3!

Then Micah Owings threw one up again and I asked him to sign it. So he met me over by the field and said Hey Hows it goin? Weren’t you here yesterday. I responded with Yes Sir I was. Nice to meet ya. He then signed my baseball and went down to sign a few more. BASEBALL #4.

Then Johnny Cueto threw me BASEBALL #5.

total 5.30.jpg

4 thrown up, 1 caught on fly

Season count: 68

Season Avg: 4