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Wednesday, April 6th 2011, Brewers V.S. Braves @ Miller Park

My buddy Tim would be attending this game with me and we went to Friday’s before the game for some Brewers batting practice. Only to find out you have to spend a minimum of $50 to sit at an outside table now. We looked at each other and decided we’d do it. We each got drinks, I had a soda and he had a beer. We got and appetizer of Motz Sticks and I ordered a Jack Daniel’s burger and he got a Bacon Cheeseburger. After that we got dessert. I got some oreo cookie ice cream thing and he got a mixed drink! Lol. We ended up spending 60$ between the two of us.

So, I got Brewers pitching coach Rick Kranitz to toss me a baseball right away. The first one he under threw then he got it right to me. That’s BASEBALL #1. The one baseball he under threw landed here:

It’s kind of a blury picture because I was trying to focus on BP. But later on, Zach Braddock tossed me that same baseball for BASEBALL #2. That summed up Friday’s and we left on an extra full stomach!

We went to wait by the LF gate and chatted it up with my buddy Richard who is a Miller Park usher and he told us all about how to get women. It was a funny conversation to say the least. When the gates opened I rushed to the LF bleachers and got nothing. No Easter Eggs or anything and the first group of BP was mostly lefties so I wondered over to RF.

I got to right field and there was maybe 20 people scattered throughout the bleachers. I know people don’t look very hard for baseballs and all the baseballs tend to roll down to the front row. So I walked along the front row and picked up two easter eggs along the way. People standing within 5 feet of both of them and never noticing them. Lucky me! BASEBALL #3 & #4 the really easy way!

When I was up there I saw somebody I knew and started talking to him. As we were talking Jason Heyward hit a ball I knew was going to land 4 rows down from me. I thought my buddy saw it so I did not move. Apparently he didn’t and it bounced off the stairs right back onto the field. I would have caught it. Easily.

After that I moved down into the Tundra Territory to try for a baseball and towards the end of BP I got Braves pitcher Craig Kimbrel to toss me BASEBALL #5 on the day which ended up being my last.

As for Tim, it was his first batting practice and he ended up with two baseballs as well! While successfully ripping a hole in his pants. But he was happy to get two baseballs and I’m sure his son was excited to see when he got home!

Here’s Tim and his Balls!:
100_0397.JPGHere’s my share:
100_0398.JPG5 Baseball’s, 3 tossed up, 2 Easter Eggs

Season Total: 14

Games: 2

Season Avg: 7

Career Total: 327

I’ll leave off with a few photos I took. Zach Grienke was out shaggin’ baseballs during BP as well.