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Monday, April 4th 2011, Brewers V.S. Braves @ Miller Park

T’was Opening Day in Milwaukee and the air was a little cool. We left to go to Miller Park around 8:30 and it was a 1:00 game. We arrived around 9:15 and waited a good hour to park. After we parked Matt, my Dad, and I went and played some catch by the Harley Davidson Gate. The gates would open at 11:10 and I sprinted up to the LF Bleachers to hear baseballs bouncing off the bleachers. It was music to my ears.

I quickly picked up a Casey McGehee homer that was rattling in the seats and as I was picking that one up I found another baseball just chillin under a bleacher. That put me at BASEBALL #1 & BASEBALL #2 for the day. Great start not even being in the stadium for 2 minutes and locking up some baseballs on the day!

Shortly after that, Casey McGehee hit a BP homer that I ended up catching on the fly. After I caught that baseball, I looked down the row and noticed 2 Easter Eggs staring at me so I walked over and picked those up. Another 3 baseballs in the sack for BASEBALL #3,#4, and #5. I have never gotten more than 2 baseballs on Opening Day so I was jacked. Some lefties came up so I made my move to the RF Bleachers!

Once I made my way up to the bleachers. After around 5 minutes I ended up making a nice catch leaning over the railing, getting a kudos from Kameron Loe and Zach Braddock. I’m not sure who hit it. It was one of our lefties either Reed or Kotsay. So I was at BASEBALL #6 and I still wanted more.

I ended up asking newly acquired Pitcher Sergio Mitre for a baseball in Spanish and he tossed it up to me to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day and then the Brewers ran off the field. It was the Braves turn to take some BP.

They didn’t hit much up but I got Jonny Venters and Scott Linebrink to each toss me a baseball to get me BASEBALL #8 & #9 and that was it for the day.

Some of the Packers threw out the first pitch and the Brewers lost 2-1 in the home opener. Were 0-4 but we’ll get back on track.
100_0350.JPGDuring the 6th and 7th inning I went with my dad to visit one of his bosses and he bought my Dad and I a beer! Good Man! He’s a Cubs fan but it’s all good. I mentioned to him I’ve never been to Wrigley and he said he’d try and get tickets! He also has a son who I think he said was 15 who I’m gonna bring along to a game one time. Try and teach him the art of catching baseballs.

9 Baseball’s, 3 Batted (2 on the fly), 3 Toss up’s, 3 Easter Eggs.

Season Total: 9

Games: 1

Season Avg: 9

Career Total: 322


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Thursday, September 16 2010, Twins V.S. White Sox @ US Cellular Field

I took the trip to Chicago with Sal, Matt, and Kenny. This was a chilly day and the bp was rather frozen as well. I was lucky to pick up BASEBALL #1 off a bounce in Left Field and that was it for the day. Not too much to talk about.

1 Baseball batted

Season Total: 118

Games: 33

Season Avg: 3.56

Career Total: 272

Cell 3.jpg

Tuesday, August 24 2010, Chicago White Sox V.S. Baltimore Orioles @ US Cellular Field

Today started with our normal train ride from Waukegan to Chicago at the 2:10 time. Matt, Sal, and I. When I was paying the guy for my ticket apparently I was mistakin’ him for his paper. We ended up talking for a bit and he told me to have fun at the game. Keep this in mind for later.

When we got to the gates they Opened at 5:35 to let us in to BP. Matt and I hustled to LF where he got a baseball right away. So, I decided to go to RF. The bullpen catcher was just finishing up a session with a pitcher and he tossed me a baseball for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon retrieved a baseball I proceeded to say, “Hey Alfredo! What do ya say?!?!” He proceeded to hook me up with BASEBALL #2 on the day and I thanked him for the baseball.

Then about 3 minutes after that Orioles IF Julio Lugo fielded a fly ball and lightly under my breath because I didn’t know if he had seen me get the other to I said Julio. He then turned and I threw up my arms and he hit me up with BASEBALL #3. I had 3 baseballs in the matter of 10ish minutes…

I moved back over to LF to play fly balls and see what I could get. A ball was smashed and bounced up the steps, off of a guys hand and started dribbling down the bleachers and I picked it up with the bare hand! Do not pick up a rolling ball with your glove! So I was at BASEBALL #4.

Four baseballs was my goal on the day. After I picked that one up I heard some BOOing and junk towards my buddy Matt. Apparently he dropped a ball right to him and it landed in the moat. I proceeded to “cup trick” it out while Matt was still gettin’ a lot of ****. The last 3 mins of BP left he went on a tare and snagged 3 baseballs on the fly like back to back to back and everybody shut up. He ended up with 8 baseballs and I was at BASEBALL #5 and that was it for the day!
cell 8.24.10.jpg

We took the 10:35 train back from Chicago and we had the same conductor as before so we chatted for a bit before we got on the train then on the train I talked to him and I asked if he had any kids. He told me he had a daughter and I asked if he wanted a baseball for her. He said sure, but I might throw it at you when you walk off the train. He was quite humorous. We talked some Madden, some NBA and a bit of where he was from. Moral of the story, he was cool and he made the train ride go a bit quicker. (Fo Sho), He’d get that. Hopefully he’ll be checking the blog out sometime.

5 baseballs, 3 toss up, 1 batted, 1 device

Season Total: 109

Games: 29

Season Avg: 3.76

Career Total: 263
total 8.24.10.jpg

Tuesday, August 10 2010, Twins V.S. White Sox @ US Cellular Field

This was my second trip to US Cellular Field on the year. The White Sox are battling the Twins in the mits of a pennant race. This should be a fun game especially sporting my Twins apparel. Once again we’d be taking the 2:10 train. Sal, Wiley(He needs to do some blog updating himself), and I. The gates would open a little late at 5:34 and we hustled to the LF Bleachers. I was 1 away from 250 career baseballs and 5 from 100 on the year. Could I do both of the goals on the day?

The first thing I did was run over to the bullpen down the LF line and I spotted a ball that was gettable with a device. So i pulled it out (lolz) and I retrieved BASEBALL #1 and my 250th baseball of my career! I would have rather had my 250th tossed to me or caught but I’ll take what I can get.

Then I went over the the first row of LF and got Twins Pitcher John Rauch to toss me a baseball for BASEBALL #2 on the day. In the matter of about 7 or 8 minutes.

After that I roamed to RF because the power house lefties in Jason Kubel and Joe Mauer were taking BP. I was standing about 8 rows back and ended up catching me one on the fly while almost being tackled. BASEBALL #3. The Twins fan in the front row goes, ” OH! and the Twins fan catches over all of the White Sox fans!” I just laughed and gave him the “head nod”.

My last ball came via the “cup trick” as well and it put me at BASEBALL #4 on the day and I was sitting at 1 baseball from 100 on the year.

The Twins would go on to blast the White Sox 12 to 5 hitting 4 home runs during the game. Including a JJ Hardy bomb which was kind of nice to see a former Brewer taking it to a Chicago team.
total 8.10.10.jpg
me 250.jpg
joe mauer.jpg
new friend.jpgWiley and Sal Decided I made a new friend at the train station. Haha
Sal and I.jpg
total 8.10.10 2.jpg
4 Baseballs, 2 device, 1 toss up, 1 batted

Season Total: 99

Games: 27

Season Avg: 3.67

Career Total: 253

Tuesday, August 11 2009 V.S. San Diego Padres

View from my seats for today:
view seats 8.11.jpg
So I made my usual way to Friday’s for Brewers BP. BP was weak to say the least. One hit out to Friday’s and they weren’t throwing up jack. When Braun was up he was jacking them into the LF bleachers. So I snuck up the stairs before the gate opened and waited for a ball to hit. Braun blasted one and I ran down to pick it up. Shortly after the gates opened so I had 1 lousy baseball for BASEBALL #1.

So I threw on my Padres stuff for BP. I went down to the LF line where Edward Mujica was warming up. He was about to toss the ball in when I said, “Edward! Ball please! He turned around and fired me BASEBALL #2!

Then I was walking by Fridays by the catwalk and Kyle Blanks ripped one to Left Center that I had ended up grabbing after hopping the fence into Fridays because it landed in a set of chairs for BASEBALL #3.

Then I met up with “The Happy Youngster” to see how he was doing. He told me that pitcher Kevin Correia was really paying off Padres fans quickly in RF. So after a short hop skip and a doo I ran over there. Sure enough first baseball he got I said, “Kevin, Pads fan front row”. He turned around and shot it right to me for BASEBALL#4. Then a young man came over to me and he says How do you get a ball when I have been standing here asking him for one for the past 20 mins. I said that the Padres stuff helps. He was then like are you from around here and I’m like yeah Grafton. And it happened to be a guy that my buddy knew over facebook named Sal who has a group called:

1,000,000 people who love the Brewers!

This day set me up with 97 baseballs on the year. Could I get 100 next game?
total 8.11.jpg

4 total baseballs, 3 thrown up, 1 hit

Total on year: 97

Total of career: 117

Season Avg: 3.59