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Monday, April 4th 2011, Brewers V.S. Braves @ Miller Park

T’was Opening Day in Milwaukee and the air was a little cool. We left to go to Miller Park around 8:30 and it was a 1:00 game. We arrived around 9:15 and waited a good hour to park. After we parked Matt, my Dad, and I went and played some catch by the Harley Davidson Gate. The gates would open at 11:10 and I sprinted up to the LF Bleachers to hear baseballs bouncing off the bleachers. It was music to my ears.

I quickly picked up a Casey McGehee homer that was rattling in the seats and as I was picking that one up I found another baseball just chillin under a bleacher. That put me at BASEBALL #1 & BASEBALL #2 for the day. Great start not even being in the stadium for 2 minutes and locking up some baseballs on the day!

Shortly after that, Casey McGehee hit a BP homer that I ended up catching on the fly. After I caught that baseball, I looked down the row and noticed 2 Easter Eggs staring at me so I walked over and picked those up. Another 3 baseballs in the sack for BASEBALL #3,#4, and #5. I have never gotten more than 2 baseballs on Opening Day so I was jacked. Some lefties came up so I made my move to the RF Bleachers!

Once I made my way up to the bleachers. After around 5 minutes I ended up making a nice catch leaning over the railing, getting a kudos from Kameron Loe and Zach Braddock. I’m not sure who hit it. It was one of our lefties either Reed or Kotsay. So I was at BASEBALL #6 and I still wanted more.

I ended up asking newly acquired Pitcher Sergio Mitre for a baseball in Spanish and he tossed it up to me to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day and then the Brewers ran off the field. It was the Braves turn to take some BP.

They didn’t hit much up but I got Jonny Venters and Scott Linebrink to each toss me a baseball to get me BASEBALL #8 & #9 and that was it for the day.

Some of the Packers threw out the first pitch and the Brewers lost 2-1 in the home opener. Were 0-4 but we’ll get back on track.
100_0350.JPGDuring the 6th and 7th inning I went with my dad to visit one of his bosses and he bought my Dad and I a beer! Good Man! He’s a Cubs fan but it’s all good. I mentioned to him I’ve never been to Wrigley and he said he’d try and get tickets! He also has a son who I think he said was 15 who I’m gonna bring along to a game one time. Try and teach him the art of catching baseballs.

9 Baseball’s, 3 Batted (2 on the fly), 3 Toss up’s, 3 Easter Eggs.

Season Total: 9

Games: 1

Season Avg: 9

Career Total: 322


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Friday, October 1 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

My day started with me waking up at 5 AM to head to Miller Park to pick up my buddy Kenny. We left Miller Park around 6 and were on our way to Cincinnati for the 3 game homestand against our Milwaukee Brewers. I was very excited to go to Cincinnati and talk with some of the Brewers and get some autographs. We arrived at our hotel in Cincy around 2 PM ET time. As soon as we got checked in we went to the players entrance to try for some autographs and some pictures. I started off the day with a Casey McGehee autograph and picture as well as autographs from Craig Counsell and Trevor Hoffman and pictures with all of them and Alcides Escobar. I learned that either Ryan Braun, 1) Is not very observant at Miller Park, 2) Has a mental problem, or 3) Like to lie and is a flat out dick. I said Hi to him and asked him if he remembered Matt and I shouting during BP Ay Brauny! Every single day we are there and he said no I don’t remember that. I am starting to dislike him more and more every day. Here’s so pictures of the start of the day.

Alcides Escobar.jpg


Casey McGehee.jpg
Autographs 10.1.10.jpg
Cincy 10.1.10.jpg
So the gates opened at 5:40 and they would not let me stand by the dugout so I went to talk to Jeremy Jeffress and asked when he wanted to play catch. He said we couldn’t do it during BP but he’d figure something out. So I went on the Prowl for my 300th Career Baseball. I placed myself in LF Center Field with Weeks up to bat. Swing, and a DEEP fly ball. It hit off the top step and into the concourse hitting a wall and bouncing back and rolled down the stairs right to be for BASEBALL #1 and career baseball #300. I was happy. But seconds later Braun hit one and I dove over the seats to catch it on the fly for BASEBALL #2 and Trevor Hoffman was watching me catch it.

I decided to move over to Left Field to play some lefties and to see what would happen.

Cincy 2.jpg

This would be my view and BASEBALL #3 and BASEBALL #4 would get tossed to me by Brandon Kintzler and Joe Inglett. I would proceed to catch another baseball on the fly for BASEBALL #5 off the bat of George Kottaras. Jeremy was happy when I caught the ball and I gave him a fist pump. That was my 304th career baseball and 150th of the year.

For the game this was our view:

view 10.1.10.jpg

One homer was hit in the game and it was Weeks deep to CF. We came close to 2 at the wall but that was it. Good day #1 in Cincinnati.

5 Baseball’s, 3 batted (2 on the fly), 2 toss up’s

Season Total: 150

Games: 39

Season Avg: 3.85

Career Total: 304

Saturday, August 21 2010, Brewers V.S. Padres (Happy Birthday Wiley!), Chases’ first Ballhawk Exp.

So I had an extra ticket for this game and I would hit up my cousin Chase who is going to be a Freshman in High School and hes a bad ***. He’s a ladies man too girls. Give him a call sometime. Anyways the day would begin with the car ride of Chase, Brady ( My Brother ), and I to Miller Park. We arrived and went to Friday’s.
I had my usual seat at Friday’s and had my usual interaction with Ryan Braun when he came to the outfield. Almost right away Extreme Ballhawk Chase got a baseball courtesy of Brewers bullpen Catcher as well as Brady getting a baseball.
Chase.jpgThe gates would open 2 hours ahead of time so we finished our motz sticks and went to the LF bleachers.

I ended up chasing down in the rattling bleachers BASEBALL #1 hit my Casey McGehee and it was my 100th baseball of the year!

Shortly after that I ended up catching BASEBALL #2 on the fly off the bat of Casey McGehee.

Then after the Weeks hit a ball that rattled in the bleachers that I managed to chase down for  BASEBALL #3 and then that group was done.

The next group had Braun in it. He hit one and it was going first row in the section to my left so I ran over and stood in row two and put my glove up ready to catch it and then the guy next to me stuck his glove up and it nicked off his glove and I caught it before it hit the ground for BASEBALL #4!

Batting Practice was about over and the Padres started and the stadium was packed and the Pads weren’t hitting many up to the bleachers. So I went over to RF and got an unidentified Padres player to toss me BASEBALL #5. I was done for the day and it was the first time I hit 5 baseballs in 8 games. Maybe Chase was good luck?

As for the game Sal joined us and Braun made a huge diving catch then came up the next inning to blast a Home Run! The Brewers won the game!

5 Baseballs, 4 batted, 1 toss up

Season Total: 104

Games: 28

Season Avg: 3.71

Career Total: 258
total 8.21.10.jpg

Sunday, July 25 2010, Brewers V.S. Nationals

Sunday games. Why I do this to myself Idk. It’s because of the bobblehead. We were let in at 11 with no BP being taken. Casey McGehee then walked out and started hitting a bit and I ended up snagging one baseball the whole time. Off of his bat after only being there for 10 mins. The Nationals took the shortest/weakest BP I had ever seen. Not one baseball was put into the stands on a fly. It was horrible.

1 baseball, batted up 😦

Season Total: 88

Games: 23

Season Avg: 3.82

Career Total: 242

I’ve been really lazzzzzzzzy. Summary of the Last 4 games. July 6,7,9,10. Brewers V.S. Giants & Pirates

I was thinking and after this year I’m only going to go to about 10 Brewers games a year and ball hawk at the majority of them. I’m not going to try near as hard though. I’m gettin’ old. Haha. I’m planning on taking a few road trips next year to a few new stadiums and get some baseballs there. Also I plan on attending the 2011 ASG and Home Run Derby in Arizona. Time to start saving some dough. I decided I want to hit 300 career baseballs by the end of this year. which leaves me 81 away right now with roughly 18 games left this year prolly give a few. I need to average 4-5 baseballs a game. We’ll see if I can do it. Time for some updates because I’ve been way too lazy lately.
July 6:
The day started with a Zach Braddock toss up in Friday’s and I gave it to my buddy Sal because it was his Birthday. Happy Birthday buddy! BASEBALL #1.

Then Casey McGehee hit a home run and it doinked behind Friday’s into the indoor concourse. I hopped the fence and grabbed the ball and got yelled at by security. He made me walk all the way back around to get back inside with BASEBALL #2.

Just as we were about to leave Corey Hart hit a home run and it bounced in the bullpen and took the perfect hop into my glove for BASEBALL #3.

So, I went up to the bleachers in LF and Tim Lincecum was standing in CF and I hollared, “Ay Tim!” and he turned and I waved my arms and he threw me BASEBALL #4.  The baseball was game rubbed and everything.

Then I ended up with Pablo Sandoval cracking a shot off the bat and I moved down about 2 rows and made the catch on the fly to earn me BASEBALL#5 and my last baseball of the day. This baseball also happened to be game rubbed. Sweet deal.
My 9 year old brother Brady also happened to gather 4 baseballs together as well today. Pretty impressive!
7.6.10.jpg5 total baseballs, 3 batted, 2 tossed up

Season Total: 70

Games: 18

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total:  224

July 7:
Once again as almost every day, we started off at Friday’s. I got a Johnathon Lucroy toss up and a John Axford toss up for BASEBALL #1  & #2.  I proceeded to give the Axford baseball away to the kid next to me from San Francisco who’s empty glove needed a baseball. The kid thanked me and so did his mom and I was happy they were happy.

I then got a Giants pitcher to toss me up BASEBALL #3 and I gave that one away to a kid as well. I hate when I’m generous to give away baseballs and the kid doesn’t even say thank you. Oh well.

I then ended up getting another Giants pitcher to hook me up with BASEBALL #4 and I safely put that one in the bag to keep. That was it for the day.

4 baseballs, all 4 toss up’s

Season Total: 74

Games: 19

Season Avg: 3.89

Career Total: 228

July 9:
We sat in the Home Run Porch at Friday’s and I quickly for the second day in a row got Zach Braddock to toss me BASEBALL #1.

While sitting at Friday’s I saw a baseball hit in the seats and memorized where it was and when the gates opened I ran over to grab it for BASEBALL#2.

Pirates BP started and I was standing near the Foul Pole and Pirates P Sean Gallagher was standing in Left Center Field. He had 3 baseballs in his glove and I yelled Sean. He turned and looked. I then waved my hands and he launched me BASEBALL #3 and I graciously thanked him.

I then grabbed a Pirates BP home run ball that doinked around in the RF bleachers for BASEBALL #4 and shortly after caught a Pedro Alvarez ball on the fly to get BASEBALL #5 and snag my final baseball on the day.

5 baseballs, 2 batted, 2 toss ups, 1 easter egg.

Season Total: 79

Games: 20

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 233

July 10:
Matt and I quickly ate at Friday’s and got up to the bleachers at 4:10 when the gates had opened. I ran down a Casey McGehee home run ball for BASEBALL #1.

Shortly after I nabbed Rickie Weeks on the fly to get me to BASEBALL #2 on the day.

I moved over to RF once the Pirates came onto the field and Justin Thomas shot me BASEBALL #3 for the day and I was determined to get at least one more.

I ended up catching Delwyn Young’s BP Hr Ball on the fly for BASEBALL #4 and I was content with that.

We were supposed to sit in the bleachers for the game:
view 7.10.10.jpg
But we decided we never sit up high. So we went to the highest spot in the corner and watched the game from here:
view 7.10.10 high up.jpgI don’t think the view was that bad. But anyways. Here’s a pic of the catch of the day:
4 baseballs, 3 batted, 1 toss up

Season Total: 83

Games: 21

Season Avg: 3.95

Career Total: 237

So I’m now 63 baseballs away from 300. With Approx. 14 games left. Maybe a few more. I still have to average 4 to 5 baseballs a game. I Hope I can get to 300 before the end of the season! This time last year. June 11, 2009. I was at 82 baseballs. I had attended 23 baseball games with a 3.56 avg a game. I am slightly up on that. I’m happy about that. Haha. Just a random fact of the day.

Saturday, May 29 2010, Brewers V.S. Mets

I came to the ballpark thinking today was going to be a great ****** day for ballhawking. Hence the fact that the Mets are a high market team and normally no matter how hard I try with high market teams they are that giving. My day started getting autographs courtesy of Joe Inglett, Randy Wolf, George Kottaras and Casey McGehee! Signed in Gold paint pen on my Brewers Authentic helmet.

The normal routine to Friday’s was taken today and it was a lame batting practice. The Brewers were not hitting or throwing anything up. I asked Marco Estrada for a baseball and when he would not give it to me I asked him for his water bottle in Spanish and he tossed it up to me. He and I both thought it was funny.

After Brewers BP ended and I was still sitting on a goose egg I went up to the LF Loge Bleachers and recieved BASEBALL #1 from an unidentified Mets player. During the rest of BP I misjudged 3 more on the fly, 2 that I really had a chance on. It was a horrible day and I was just kicking myself. I guess if I go in with a bad attitude I’ll have a bad outcome. That’s the last time I do that.

During the game Corey Hart hit a Grand Slam Homerun in the top of the 1st inning and put the Brewers on top 4-1! Then the next time he was up he hit a 2-run bomb that just missed my buddy Matt’s glove! Corey Hart has been hot of late and the Brewers were finally starting to pick it up a bit until this last series with the Fish.

My View for the Game:
view 5.29.10.jpgFirst row of the bleachers and an isle seat. During the game Jason Bay hit a ground rule double and lately the players aren’t throwing game balls into the stands and I’m not sure why. They have been throwing them into the bullpen and it’s kinda frusterating. Anyways, I have a few more picutres. Peace Out.
Miller park 5.29.jpgMiller Park leaving the Parking Lot.
total 5.29.10.jpg

1 toss up, and a water bottle

Season Total: 50

Season Avg: 3.85

Career Total: 204

Brewers Win 8-6
Next game is June 12 against the Texas Rangers!

Tuesday, April 27 2010, Brewers V.S. Pirates

This is the game where conflict had happened…

So I took my normal strut to Friday’s after having a brief talk with “The Happy Youngster“. My buddy Matt joined a table with him as Wiley (My Cousin) and I took another table for batting practice.
Not long into batting practice Rickie Weeks hit a bomb into the area where the “best seats in the house” used to be in center field also known as “the point”. It hit under the T.V. booth… Knowing I had other conflicts with a certain someone before him thinking any baseball hit near him is automatically his I told him he could have it. He goes, “I don’t know where it is”. I said ok hopped the fence to the point at crawled under the stairs and grabbed BASEBALL #1.  From this moment on I had knew he was going to be pissed. But I really had no wrong, I gave him a fair chance at the baseball. But I got ripped for it in his blog. Whatever. Back to BP.

I then managed to snag a Casey McGehee baseball off the bat on the fly. I looked at the baseball and as I was looking at it something caught my eye. No, not a left hook from the other ballhawk, it was a “TPX” logo mark imbeded into the baseball from McGehee’s bat. I though that was rather darn skippy as I snagged it for BASEBALL #2.
Shortly after that Rickie Weeks was up and happened to hit another one into the concourse behind us at Friday’s. I did hesitate for a minute but I did jump the fence again and grab BASEBALL #3. From that time on any other baseball that was hit out there I was going to just tuck my tail inbetween my legs and not go after because I was grinding “the best in the biz’s” gears. 

As we were about to head out of Friday’s, Corey Hart was hitting and the baseball bounced in the bullpen and shot up over the railing and I snatched it right out of thin air! BASEBALL #4! I was sitting pretty for the day already and we were done with one batting practice.

So we have the begining of Pirates Batting Practice… I went to the RF Loge bleachers. It paid off yesterday so I was hoping to have similar luck…I looked down into the pen and a Pirates Coach was lolligagin’ into the bullpen where there were 2 baseballs. I politely asked for a baseball and he tossed me  BASEBALL #5 of the day. Sweet.

I then traveled over to Left Center Field into the Loge Bleachers and hit up Joel Hanrahan for
BASEBALL #6.  Then went over a few sections and asked Brain Bass for a baseball and he fired me  BASEBALL #7 of the day. I hate it when people are standing next to you and the guy is clearly throwing to you and they try to snag the baseball. Well that was my final baseball of the day. Not too shabby and my best total of the year so far.
total 4.27.10.jpgview 4.27.20.jpg

7 Baseballs, 4 hit up, 3 tossed up

Season Total: 29

Season Avg: 4.14

Career Total: 183

And I’ll leave off with a little preview of my baseball holder that I’m assembling in woods class at school. In the middle where the diamond is there is going to be baselines and bases added into it and the brewers throwback logo in the middle. It’s going to look pretty cool I think. I’m currently 6 baseballs short of filling it. As you can see the top is not completely filled.
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