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Week in Review 9/20/10-9/25/10, Brewers V.S. Reds & Marlins

The week started with me texting my cousin Wiley asking him how many baseballs he guessed I’d get from game to game. Most of the games he was right in guessing. We had fun with that. Anyways Monday (9/20) Matt and I went to Brewers BP as usual. I got Brewers September call up Jeremy Jeffress to toss me a baseball as well as Reds Edinson Volquez when the gates opened. During Reds bp I caught one on the fly and picked one up as it was bouncing around the bleachers putting me at 4 on the day.


So now onto the Tuesday game (9/21). Today was a huge day for me. Before I went to Friday’s I picked up 6 easter eggs. That’s a great start to the day. Haha. I walked into Friday’s and told Jeremy Jeffress Happy Birthday and he shot me a baseball as well for the day. Before Reds BP I picked up another easter egg and proceeded to catch a Brandon Phillips BP HR on the fly and get 4 more off the bat. One of those four one of the Reds coaches spotted me and told me he was going to hit one to me with the fungo stick. He hit it right to my glove. It was very accurate. Also I thought it was funny when Phillips hit one out to the bleachers and it hit and stuck underneath the bleachers and everybody wondered where it went and I walked over and plucked it out from underneath the bleacher. So I ended up with a Career High 13 today!


After getting 13 the day before I had a hunch that today would be some type of hangover. Yeah, it was. I got a toss up from Alcides Escobar at Friday’s and a Reds pitcher tossed me up a baseball after I was lining up to catch a ball off the bat in the bleachers and some random guy came over and swated it before it hit my glove. Nick stuck up for me and the Reds players were a bit confused as to why he did it and tossed me a ball. So I only ended up with 2 on the day. 😦


The next day we went was Thursday and I was hoping for a better day than the 2 that I had the day before. I got Burke Badenhop to toss me up a baseball as well as old Brewer Mike Rivera, and Marlins OF Cameron Maybin and Pitcher Jose Ceda after Lorenzo Cain under threw me in the Tundra Section in the first inning. I ended at 4 on the day to end it. The Brewers Sausages decided to race on some Harley’s as well before the game. Haha!


wiener on motorcycle.jpg

The last day out of this home stand attending BP was the Saturday home game against the Marlins. (9/25) We got sat under the overhang in Friday’s. A ball got hit in the net and I proceeded to do all I could to try and get the baseball. After Brewers P Mark Rogers saw me struggling he tossed me a ball, but in that time I was trying to use Matt’s glove to grab the baseball out of the net because it was longer and I ended up catching Rogers toss up in Matt’s glove. I thought that was funny. I thought I was going to drop it. I then took a menu to the ball in the net and rolled the ball up as far as I could and grabbed it. During Marlins BP I ended up catching a Cameron Maybin BP HR on the fly and got Pitcher Burke Badenhop to toss me another baseball for the 2nd straight day. 4 to end the series in Milwaukee for the year.


27 baseballs in the homestand, 7 easter eggs, 11 toss up’s, 9 batted up.

Season Total: 145

Games: 38

Season Avg: 3.82

Career Total: 299…

Good thing I have a trip to Cincinnati to see the Brewers play the reds left being stuck at 299 career baseballs. Jeremy Jeffress told me he’d play catch with me in Cin so hopefully that racks me up Baseball 300!

Friday, July 24 V.S. Atlanta Braves

So Matt and I as usual went to Brewers Batting Practice. The day started of so slow. The Brewers really haven’t been pounding them out during bp whatsoever. So Mitch Stetter walked in the bullpen. We have been getting more friendly with Mitch. He’s starting to talk to us now and threw Matt a ball the game before. So we got his autograph. Cool Beans!

So Mitch then left the bullpen. A ball was hit right to him. I said Mitch! Can you throw me that ball? He says I threw you guys one last time. I’m like that was to Matt! He said to me, How many baseballs you got? I said uhhhh 1…. he throws it up and i continued…. hundred and three. He turns around… Really? How many you got now? I go 103. He turns around laughing and says uncalled for. I laughed and said thanks and he gave me the thumbs up for BASEBALL #1!

So then shortly after that Mike Rivera came out to shag some bp balls. I said hey hows it going and he gave me to ol’ headnod. Well next baseball he got I asked for and recieved BASEBALL #2.

That was it for the day but during Braves bp I got catcher David Ross to sign my baseball. Two firsts today. Mitch Stetter threw me up a ball and Mike Rivera! Sweet.

2 Baseballs, both thrown up

Season Total: 84

Career Total: 104

Season Avg: 3.5

Saturday, April 11,2009 V.S. Chicago Cubs  (Boooooo)

View from my seat for the day:
view from seats april 11.jpg
So I walked into Miller Park and immediately I hollar at Marcus Hanel Because he said he’d give me a ball today. And he says, HEY LOOK! I see coming towards me as I’m in the first row bleachers a Mike Cameron BP Hr Ball, BOOM Lands just over my glove, pick up behind me BASEBALL #1.
CAMERON bp hrball April 11.jpg

So then I sat down and in the next group walked up Mike Rivera. Crush, off the bat he hits a fly ball that just falls short of the bleachers. Ryan Braun catches it I scream Hey Ryan, how bout a ball please?. Throws it up to me, BASEBALL #2.
Rivera hit April 11. 09.jpg
So then after that the cubs came up to hit. YAY! NOT! We’ll I was in the packed bleachers and somehow managed to get a hold of Carlos Marmol. And then I said Hey Carlos, Hook me up. He then threw it over to me. BASEBALL #3. Later on I dropped it down in the bullpen for Marcus Hanel to sign because it was the cleanest ball and he did.
Hanel signed April 11.09.jpg2 Thrown up, 1 Hit it bleachers and I grabbed

Season Total: 4

Season Average: 2