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Wednesday, June 23 2010, Florida Marlins V.S. Baltimore Orioles @ Camden Yards

I was up at 4:30 A.M. because our flight was departing Milwaukee at 6 and we had crappy weather. I was glad to get out for the day but I was getting into the humidity of Baltimore. The 98 degree or so heat! My view from the plane window departing Milwaukee:
100_6558.JPGNot a very pleasant sight I must say but it would not affect me all day! 🙂
We then arrived at BWI around 9ish their time and went to our hotel and met “Hottie” from Flavor of Loves’ mom. It was quite the meeting.

We got situmawaited into our hotel room and took the local train to Baltimore. We got off the train and this is what I saw:

Yeah! Finally here! It was around 12ish so we stopped to get lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and roamed the Harbor and streets of Baltimore.I stopped by the O’s parking lot and sure enough Adam Jones was walking to the gate and I asked him for his autograph and he gave it to me. Awesome! So let’s get down to the biz. We were relaxing across the street from the Eutaw Street Gates and I spotted somebody and it just happened to be Zack Hample. Along with him was another fellow ballhawk Joe and that’s when I began to tell Wiley I think this is going to be a rough batting practice for me. Lots of competition.

As soon as the gates opened at 5 o clock sharp everybody sprinted to left field to look for goose eggs. I quickly snagged BASEBALL #1 on the fly and it felt great. I love catching a baseball on the fly. It was a leaping catch and i got Kudos from all the other ballhawks.

Not soon after about 3 minutes I nabbed BASEBALL #2 on the fly as well and I was feeling pretty good around that time. I had 2 baseballs in the matter of about 7 or 8 minutes. At least I knew I wasn’t getting the goose egg and got the skunk out of the box early.

Then after a few more minutes I caught BASEBALL #3 on the fly as well on a running catch. The Orioles were done taking batting practice fairly early. About 12 or so minutes of being in there. Then the Marlins came out and I decided to move over by the Marlins dugout.

Shortly the Marlins began to throw and i found myself down the LF line just chillin’ watching Hanley Ramirez and Emilio Bonifacio play catch from a bit of a distance. Then Hanley overthrew Emilio and I grabbed the ball as it was rolling bye. I threw it back to Bonifacio and he went and got me a brand new baseball and gave it to me for BASEBALL #4. Now for a few pictures:

So Marlins batting practice began and I made a running grab over 2 sections on the fly for BASEBALL #5 and that was all the rest of the chances that I had.

During Marlins BP a ball was hit into the vacant area in CF and I went over to see if I could cup trick the baseball…
cup trick.pngThe ball was where the blue is and I stood and cup tricked BASEBALL #6 of the day and the last one of the day, But I was very happy and I got to meet some other fellow ball hawks this day! I got Jorge Cantu’s autograph also and he hit his 100th career home run in this game. The Marlins won 7-5.

Baltimore had many great sights!
100_6600.JPGWhoops! Not that!
How bout something different? haha.

100_6604.JPGMe with the catch of the day:
6 baseballs, 4 on the fly, 1 toss up, 1 device

Season Total: 62

Season Avg: 3.88

Games: 16

Career Total: 216

Wednesday May 13, 2009 V.S. Flordia (My first game HR ball!)

Little did I know that today was going to be one of the best days of my life as soon as I walked into the ball park on such a rainy, crappy day. 

The first baseball I got was thrown up by Jorge Julio making it BASEBALL #1 of the day. It took a while to get the first ball of the day.

Then I was leaning on the back railing of friday’s. Crack! Braun off the bat during BP coming right down the middle of our table. I run up and make the catch on the fly! Yes only my 2nd ball ever caught on a fly! I was pumped with BASEBALL #2.
Braun on fly 5.13.jpg

The rest of Brewers BP was lame. Then I hollared at Chris Coghlan of the Marlins. Who managed to hit his first homerun ever this game that my buddy “The Happy Youngster” had caught. (http://thehappyyoungster.mlblogs.com). Read all about it on his blog. I said hey Chris, can I have a ball and he threw up BASEBALL #3.

Then later on I got a BASEBALL #4 from the bullpen.

So I got a few phone calls that I was on T.V.Then I got into the front of the Tundra Territory courtesy of my friend Shawn Bossman. (REALTALK.mlblogs.com) Top of the 6th inning. John Baker is up of the Florida Marlins. First pitch, CRACK! going to be at the Citgo sign. I just missed the catch and grabbed it off the bounce! MY FIRST GAME BALL AND HR BALL EVER!!!!!!! BASEBALL #5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FIRST HR BALL 5.13.jpg

3 thrown up today, 1 caught on fly, 1 off bounce

Season Total: 48

Season Avg: 4
5.13 total.jpg