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Saturday, October 2 2010, Brewers V.S. Reds @ Great American Ballpark

Today started similar as yesterday. I would get up at 7 to go to the players entrance and try and get me some autographs. I ended up getting Prince Fielder, Carlos Gomez, Lorenzo Cain, and Rickie Weeks on my Game Homer from earlier this year.

Weeks Hr signed.jpg

There would be no batting practice today but I walked into the Stadium and picked up 6 baseballs laying on the ground and then got Manny Parra to toss me a baseball to put me at BASEBALL #7 on the day. It would turn out to be a cold day and would rain during the game. Our view for the game was the same as yesterday. After the game Kenny and I went to White Castle and went to Cold Stone Creamery.

I forgot to cover on this in the blog from yesterday. During yesterday’s game this is what the scoreboard looked like for 5 innings:

Milwaukee astros.jpg

Can you see it? I’ll zoom in a bit:

Milwaukee astros 2.jpg

That there reads the “Milwaukee Astros” basically. They ended up changing it midway through the game. The Astros were in town the night before.

7 Baseball’s , 6 easter eggs, 1 toss up

Season Total: 157

Games: 40

Season Avg: 3.93

Career Total: 311

Total 10.2.10.jpg

Monday, April 27 V.S. Pirates

This Day started of great and just got greater. I walked into Friday’s and right away Rickie Weeks hit a BP HR ball out of Miller Park onto the sidewalk. A guy picked it up and tossed it thru the doorway to me. It had written on the ball “One Plane Swinger” BASEBALL #1.
One Plane Swing -Weeks 4.27.jpg

Then Brauns group came up to bad. Braun hit a deep fly ball to center field. I hollared at Manny Parra. I was the only one. He threw it right up to me. On the ball is written “Dirt First”. BASEBALL #2. That was number 39 on the carrer.
Dirt First - 4.27.jpg

So now I’m on the prowl trying to get number 40 today! In the meantime Marcus Hanel was i nthe bullpen fooling around. A ball was hit in there and he just fired it up to my glove. BASEBALL #3. NUMBER 40! on the carrer, 20 of the season. It has to be one of the dirties baseballs in my collection.
NUMBER 40.jpg

So Pittsburgh had a good ammount of lefties. Well, at least most of  the power hitters are. So once we were let to go wherever we pleased in the park I camped out in RF. I said a few kind words to Pitcher Evan Meek of Pittsburgh and wallah! BASEBALL #4.

So after a while of not getting anything up there I went to LF where Pirates Pitcher Tyler Yates stands, over the past year my friend Matt and I have gotten multiple baseballs from him. He talked to us every game when he was in town last year. So I yelled, HEY TYLER, Do you remember me? He looked at me and said kind, your the kid that was here last year a lot.” I said, Can I get the next ball you get? He gave me a kind gesture the he got one. BASEBALL #5.
Tyler Yates up 4.27.jpg

Then After Bp I sat in the by the bullpen because there were a few eggs laying in there. Grounds Crew came in and I got one! Yeah! BASEBALL #6.

So, i had figured I was plain old done for the day. I was sitting in section 237 where Braun often throws his ball after catch. Could I get it for the second time this year? 3rd time in the last 2? Yes, in like the 6th inning i made a great grab to get it in a crowd. BASEBALL #7.  It had written on it”GRRRRRRRRRRRR”. It made me laugh. The other day I had talked to Braun about it on the peak and he started laughing and said it was great I caught that ball. That was career ball number 44. No where near close my buddies Happy(http://thehappyyoungster.mlblogs.com) and Shawn(http://REALTALK.MLBlogs.com). So I was done for the day. But 7 was the most I had ever gotten to that point!
GRRRRRRRR 4.27.jpg

1 Hit out and Thrown to me, 6 thrown up

Season Total: 24

Season Avg: 4
Baseballs 4.27.jpg